Agriculture simplifies procedures for requesting reimbursements to food SMEs

15 Dec 2022

With the implementation of this new system, the process is carried out on a single platform, and the certificate is automatically issued within 40 minutes.

The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation launched a new platform to manage reimbursement certificates for companies that hold official quality certificates, through its Undersecretariat of Food, Bioeconomy and Regional Development.

The system will enable users to have at their disposal: history of the applications generated; application file number and online follow-up; search for applications based on certain parameters; and the possibility of copying an application already registered to generate a new one, significantly saving loading times.

In this sense, the Undersecretary of Food, Luis Contigiani, said that “we are very pleased with this development that allows simplifying time and procedures for our companies” and added that, before the implementation of the new system to have this benefit, the applicant had to carry out the procedure in two platforms and several areas were involved to end with the signed certificate and be able to present it at the General Directorate of Customs to make the refund effective. With the implementation of this new system, the procedure is carried out on a single platform, and the certificate is available in 40 minutes and automatically.

It should be recalled that as from Decree No. 1341/16, those products that are ORGANIC, or that have the right to use the Seal “ALIMENTOS ARGENTINOS, UNA ELECCIÓN NATURAL” or with a DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN or a GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION, have an additional refund of ZERO FIVE PERCENT (0.5%) to that corresponding to the export position.

Applications for refunds for exports of the Argentine food seal between the period 2018 to 2021 grew by 1120% from 2649 to 32340 certificates issued.

During 2022, 34284 refund certificates were granted to export foods that have the Alimentos Argentinos Seal, a natural choice.

According to the report prepared by the Undersecretariat of Food, Bioeconomy and Regional Development of the aforementioned Secretariat, in numerical terms they imply exports for 809,871,912 million dollars and a volume of 596,011 tn. The main certified products were peanuts and peanut paste 30%, chilled and vacuum-packed beef 23%, pre-fried and frozen potato products 17%, fresh lemon 8%, concentrated grape must 8%, fresh pears 5%, wine 4%. In addition, whole and frozen shrimps, tangerines and fresh apples were exported.

The products were marketed to Brazil 24%, the Netherlands 18%, Chile 16%, the United States 12%, Germany 10%, the United Kingdom 5%, Spain 4%, Canada 4%, Italy 4% and Poland 3%, as the main sales destinations.

The Alimentos Argentinos Seal is a differentiation tool created in 2005 and ratified by law in 2014, which seeks to differentiate those products based on their product, process and packaging characteristics and, in turn, to show the world the quality and geographical origin of our food.