Al Bosque: The new awakening of natural medicine

06 Jul 2021

Candelaria Lussich, founder of Al Bosque, an innovative natural and organic cosmetics venture, tells us in this edition of “Emprendiendo” how the project was born and what its main objectives were when entering the world of natural medicine.

“The medicine of plants began to move me a lot, I found something very true there in that place,” explains Candelaria, who without having knowledge of the matter, bet on this project. This is how she began to study and train so that little by little she began to create her own products herself.

Environmental principles

Al Bosque’s organic cosmetic products are endorsed by the OIA, the Organic Cosmetics and Certification Program, which guarantees that the origin of the ingredients used in cosmetic products are truly natural and / or organic. That is, they are inputs obtained from a sustainable production system, through the rational use of natural resources.

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Source: Urgente24