Alvear’s company opens a factory and will campaign with a global clothing brand

30 Sep 2020

Fénix, the General Alvear brand that manufactures Zummy fruit puree, closed an alliance with the children’s clothing brand Carter’s and will also open a 4,500-square-meter plant.

A good idea: associate a brand with health and good nutrition, which in the midst of the darkness of the pandemic is giving birth almost 300 kilometers south of Ciudad: a company owned by General Alvear, Fénix, manufacturer of the Zummy fruit puree , agreed with one of the “giants” of children’s clothing, Carter’s Inc (founded in 1865 and based in the American city of Atlanta) to market its products together in Argentina. The objective, to raise awareness about the need to pay attention to the nutrition of children.

“Together with Carter’s Argentina we are developing a campaign to bring Zummy to all the children in the country. As of September 2020, all Carter’s products purchased in its physical and virtual stores are accompanied by a free Zummy. We are very proud to be part of this campaign together with Carter’s Argentina “, explained Mariano Perón, director of the Alvearense brand, to the informative site” Our purpose is to be able to bring a healthy product to all the children of the country, that strengthens their nutrition, incorporating fruit into the daily diet of the little ones. Zummy is a healthy food, 100% pureed routes, with no preservatives, no colorings, no flavorings or added sugar, just fruit, “he added.

Thus, starting this month, all the clothing sales made by Carter’s in Argentina are accompanied by a gift pouch of this product made in General Alvear. For 25 years, Fénix has been present in the market and exports its production to more than 35 countries. On its website, the brand is presented as the largest manufacturer of fruit purees, processed and made with the highest standards of quality and food safety in Argentina. To do this, they use drip irrigation and techniques in their crops “that allow the use of agrochemicals to be minimized.

To prepare this food, Fénix already has its new production plant in General Alvear, of 4,500 m2, and equipped with the best technology for the production and storage of the product.

Due to the pandemic, this factory could not yet be inaugurated.

Source: mdzol