APIMONDIA: EL Chaco showed from Istanbul its leadership over production and export of organic honey

29 Aug 2022

Minister Soneira spoke during this international event on “Nature-based Beekeeping in South America”, allowing the audience to tour the more than 20 years of work articulated between the network of beekeeping organizations and the Government of Chaco. OIA as always accompanying with the certification, guaranteeing the quality

In Istanbul (Turkey), during Apimondia, the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Territorial Development Marta Soneira gave a presentation at the Natural Beekeeping Symposium entitled “Nature-based Beekeeping in South America”. the audience toured the more than 20 years of joint work between the network of beekeeping organizations and the Government of Chaco.

The congress, which took place over four days, featured 654 Abstracts, 175 Oral Presentations, 258 Poster Presentations, with more than 3,450 participants from 118 countries and 336 exhibiting companies. “We should be proud of the place that the beekeeping chain of Chaco and Argentina reached thanks to the articulated private-private, private-public work, in which we were able to exchange knowledge with production, machinery and trading companies that are willing to join the development of the Chaco Beekeeping Plan”, celebrated Soneira.

On the occasion, the Chaco official raised the leadership of the Chaco at the national level on production and export of organic honey and its strategy to achieve results, the world trend on new paradigms of sustainable production and the need for public-private strategic alliances.

He also referred to the new sectoral challenges for territorial planning and design of state policies that guarantee areas of sustainable development and conservation of natural areas. And finally the incorporation of technology and knowledge to achieve productive efficiency; and the consolidation of relations for the integration of the chain.

“We have to face new challenges, expanding the volume of conventional and organic honey produced, incorporating young producers and producers, as well as the development and production of propolis and the industrialization of the products,” he concluded.

In the world

The world market requires more and more Premium products based on production with sustainable practices and care for the environment. A clear example is the global growth of 4.5% that organic productions have had worldwide, accompanied by a 7.5% growth of organic producers. Argentina is no exception with 1,248 primary operators, 476 processors and 130 marketers, it has had an increase of 2% in the domestic market. But 98% of Argentine organic production goes to the most demanding markets in the world, where it reaches 48% in the United States and 38% in Europe.

In Chaco

Chaco has 99,963 km2 with 50% native forest formations, 508,000 hectares of wetlands (Ramsar Site No. 1366), following the alluvial valleys of the Paraná and Paraguay rivers, 500,505 hectares of mountains with high preservation value (red zone – Ley Nac. Nº 26331) of minimum budget for the protection of the native forest. They were incorporated into public parks and reserves and have been securitized in favor of the native communities: 526,551 hectares

The production of certified organic honey brings together more than 125 producers, with more than 10,000 hives, nine extraction rooms set up for organic product processing, two fractionation plants, two homogenized plants, and 8 brands of organic fractionated honey.

“The organic production process in the province is based on the position of the producer, his life, his customs and the fauna and flora that surround him, with the producer and the environment being the main actors,” said Soneira.

“Chaco has competitive and unique advantages for the development of differentiated products, which the world consumer wants to consume and is willing to pay a price differential, which will allow the environment to be preserved, generating greater profitability for our producers, which will translate into a better quality of life”, he celebrated.

Source: Comunicacion Chaco