Argentina among the most reliable organic producers in the world

23 Feb 2020

Thanks to strict controls and international certifications, our country exports to various destinations.

The demand for products made without chemicals is increasingly reduced worldwide due to a greater awareness of nature and environmental care by consumers.

Organic production is a sustainable production system that promotes environmental care, through the strengthening of biodiversity and the biotic activity of the soil.

These products of plant, animal origin and their derivatives are made with natural substances, without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, or genetic proteins. In addition, methods are used that minimize air, soil and water pollution.

Law 25,127 regulates organic production in our country, since not all products are organic. In addition, on occasions, the official strict control of a load from SENASA and national certifying companies.

These healthy foods are produced in devices equipped with process and handling technologies that require labor and training, becoming a source of work, in addition to generating income for producers and family farming.

To verify that the product is organic, you should look for the Organic Argentina logo, which is the one that guarantees its organic quality, through the certification of its production systems and subsequent elaboration, guarantees its labeling as “Organic”, “Ecological”, “Biological”, “Eco” or “Bio”.

Source: El Agrario