Argentina’s plans for the development of organic production through 2023

30 Mar 2023

Facundo Soria analyzes the public policies to be implemented.

How and why did the Argentina Orgánica Awards come about?

In accordance with the objectives of the Strategic Plan Argentina Orgánica 2030 to stimulate the development, dissemination, transfer and adoption of technological innovations, promote trade and competition instruments and strengthen and increase organic production and processing. We consider it valuable and timely to institute an event that highlights the efforts of the private and public sector to increase the demand for organic products by consumers in our country. Thus, we are launching the First Edition of the Organic Production Awards “Argentina Orgánica”.

This initiative will promote healthy competition and greater public awareness of the characteristics and benefits of this type of sustainable and growing production, governed and protected under National Law 25,127. In short, we want these awards to communicate organic products to the greatest number of people and involve all members of the organic production chain.

What are the categories of the Argentina Organic Awards?

The awards will express the recognition to the different actors of the organic value chain, established in Argentina, who have developed projects of excellence, innovative and/or inspiring that generate added value to the production and/or consumption of the national agribusiness.

We have 2 types of categories. On the one hand, the self-nomination awards, which are as follows:

1) For plant primary production – The recipient of this award will be an organic food producer.

2) For primary animal production – The recipient of this award will be an organic cattle, sheep, dairy, farm or honey producer.

3) Value-added – The recipient of this award will be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) engaged in the processing and value-adding of organic primary products.

4) Best Retailer – The recipient of this award will be a retailer dedicated exclusively or with a higher proportion of organic products, and that has generated an impact on consumption, culture or quality of life of the inhabitants of their locality, proximity area or neighborhood.

5) Best Restaurant – The recipient of this award will be an independent restaurant or a restaurant belonging to a hotel establishment that offers on its menu a menu exclusively integrated or with the highest possible proportion of certified organic ingredients in a creative way and that challenges its customers to a change in their food culture.

6) Best Municipal/Provincial or Biodistrict/Coregion Program – The recipient of this award will be a public or public-private organization that implements programs for the development of local or regional organic production.

7) Best Product Development – The recipient of this award will be a company that has developed an innovative organic product and/or a significant impact on value addition, technology and/or sustainability linked to the sector. It must go outside the box and adopt new approaches, organizational methods or develop better quality results for organic production.

8) Best packaging, biomaterial or bio-based material – The recipient of this award will be a company that uses, includes and/or produces containers and/or packaging with the Argentine Bioproduct seal, consistent with the organic and environmentally friendly concept.

9) Best cooperative, cluster, consortium or associative group development – The recipient of this award will be a collective project, either of complementarity in the production chain or in the achievement of volume of supply of organic products.

10) Best project for integration with rural tourism or ecotourism – The recipient of this award will be a company producing organic food products that has successfully included integration with rural tourism in its offer.

11) For the best support service – The recipient of this award will be an entity providing services for the development of organic production, either by providing consultancy in implementation, scaling and/or market positioning, business development, management, etc.

12) For the best gondola or section – The recipient of this award will be a supermarket that has a policy of dedicating a gondola or section to organic products. Participation Form

We also have awards that are special mentions (which are chosen by the jury) in the following categories:

1) To the Argentine organic ambassador – The objective of this mention is to highlight a personality with presence in the media, committed to value and promote the consumption of organic food in our country.

2) To the young entrepreneur – The objective of this mention is to highlight the initiative and drive of a new organic production enterprise and/or in charge of young people.

3) To the trajectory – The objective of this mention is to highlight an actor of the organic movement that has traveled a long way with lessons learned and shared in the sector.

4) To the best development of Circular Economy – The objective of this mention is to highlight an organic food producer or company that includes concepts of environmental care, sustainability, recycling, reduction of losses and/or waste, etc. in its production process.

5) Best production reengineering challenge – The objective of this mention is to highlight the efforts of a producer or company in adapting or reconverting to the requirements of organic production.

6) To the best initial/intermediate educational program – The objective of this mention is to highlight a training proposal that includes organic production in its curriculum in a practical and effective manner and with an impact on local or regional society.

7) For the best public communication campaign on consumption – The objective of this mention is to highlight an action to disseminate/promote the consumption of organic food that is effective in its impact.

8) To the inclusion of social protection in productive developments – The objective of this mention is to highlight the commitment of a company or organization to be an agent of social development in its community or region, particularly with those who are most vulnerable, through organic production.

9) To the best undergraduate or graduate thesis – the purpose of this mention is to recognize the best research work carried out in an academic environment, specific to organic production.

How can one register?

All those who wish to participate can register at the following link, until September 29th:

When will the final award ceremony take place?

All the prizes will be judged by a prestigious jury, using transparent criteria, which will allow the selection of the winners to be completely fair. The final prize will be in cash or in kind.

From September 29 to the first week of December, the jury will select a short list of three winners to compete in the final award ceremony to be held on December 6 at the 3rd National and International Meeting of Organic Production. This event will possibly take place at the National Ministry of Science.

How did the National Photography Contest “Orgánicos en Foco – Una Mano Orgánica” come about?

It is within the framework of the Strategic Plan for the Organic Production Sector Argentina 2030, that the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation (SAGYP) together with the entire sector and especially the Argentine Movement for Organic Production (MAPO) and the Argentine Chamber of Certifiers (CACER), launched the National Organic Photography Contest in Focus, called “Una Mano Orgánica” (An Organic Hand).

In accordance with the objectives 4, 5, 7 and 8 of the Strategic Plan 2030 of the sector, to strengthen the presence of Organic Production in national, regional and international institutional environments, to increase the number of producers and processors/processors of organic products, to increase the volume and participation of organic products in the domestic market, with strategies to promote local consumption and to encourage the development and availability of inputs necessary for Organic Production; artists, photographers, creatives, students and the general public from all over the country are invited to express their vision of the Principles of Organic Production.

Why is the contest called Una Mano Orgánica?

Because the 5 categories that make up the awards refer to the 5 Principles of Production with the aim of spreading the use of the fingers of the hand to remember them:

Category 1°- Index finger, which reminds that the main indicator of this productive system is based on the care of the soil.

Category 2°- Ring finger, where the wedding ring is placed, to remember that an alliance with nature must be established through the increase of biodiversity.

Category 3°- Middle finger, related to what stands out the most when talking about Organic: environmentally friendly cultural practices and tasks without using agrochemicals or genetically modified organisms.

Category 4 – Little finger, the smallest and weakest, but which should not be forgotten, mentioning the identity and trajectory of a production, leaving traces to be able to reconstruct its history at the time of certification or projecting itself towards added value in the chain.

Category 5°- Thumb, the one used to “kill fleas”, relating the concepts of animal welfare.

Who can participate?

The contest is open to all artists, photographers, creative professionals or amateurs, over 18 years of age (18 years old at the date of application), Argentine, naturalized or foreigners with legal residence in Argentina. The contest will select 2 photographs (Professional and Amateur) from each of the 5 categories corresponding to each of the Principles of Organic Production.

How is the inscription?

Participation and registration in the contest is free of charge. An online form must be filled in, accessible from this link: . In this form you must attach the photograph(s), up to 5 (five) images. The reception of the images will be extended from the first working day of March to the last working day of September. The winners will be presented at the 3rd National and International Organic Production Meeting.

Who will be the jurors?

The evaluation of the candidates and the selection of the winners will be in charge of a jury composed of industry leaders, especially SAGYP, MAPO and CACER.

What is the prize?

The Authority of Application may decide to award a prize in cash and/or in kind from third parties or with its own resources at the time of the call for entries.

What other activities within the framework of the Strategic Plan Argentina Orgánica 2030 have you planned for this year?

We have a series of activities of different types. On the one hand, we are presenting courses, since this year we have scheduled 7 courses for implementers of Argentine organic standards for professionals of the various production chains. Also in the area of courses and training, we will continue to work with the Ente de Cooperación Técnica y Financiera (Encope) of the Federal Penitentiary Service for training in organic gardening, silkworms and oyster mushrooms.

In addition, in the area of communication, we continue to have the web catalog of organic products, there are more than 1,500 and they continue to increase. We invite you to visit

As for export issues, we continue to seek to expand to the world. We are trying to advance in a double equivalence with the European Union. We are also advancing in an equivalence agreement with Brazil. For these equivalences we are working hand in hand with the Foreign Ministry, the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency, the embassies and the provincial promotion agencies.

We are also working on technological development and innovation. We are going to organize 6 webinars per production chain, in addition to the 10 we did last year. In this line, we are thinking of organizing an annual conference with the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) to make visible the contribution of this organization to organic production. Lastly, we are seeking to broaden the regulatory scope to include cosmetics and ready-made textiles.

How will the work with IICA and ICOA continue?

We will continue to work within the framework of the agreement with IICA and CIAO. We are currently working on planning the next CIAO Assembly and the engagement with the working groups. In this 2023 we will have the Organic Food Iberia and working together with CIAO.

CIAO always collaborates because Argentina belongs to that group and the actions that arise from the execution of the regional strategic plan are consistent with those of our national plan. It is a permanent sum of synergies.

Source: CIAO