Certification is the bridge between producer and consumer

03 Aug 2020

To learn more about the importance of certification in production, the Telenueve Federal program on Channel 9 interviewed Pedro Landa, Director General of OIA.

-What is certification and what is its importance?

The certification gives the product added value, helping to create a bond of trust, security, guarantee and commitment between the producer and the consumer. Product certification guarantees that a producer or processor works following quality parameters established in standards or protocols. It thus becomes a key to access differentiated markets

-What is the job of the certifier?

In reality, a certifier is like a scribe who is saying “the product is what it claims to be”, which is what the standard says. For example, in organic production a product is organic when it complies with the regulations (do not use agrochemicals, do not use genetically modified products, respect biodiversity, etc.).

-What role do markets play in certification?

It is very important, since when a market wants to buy its product from a producer, it requires him to comply with certain standards. In other words, the buying market is the one that imposes a specific regulation.

– How did organic certification come about?

The base of the organic movement are the small producers embedded in the land, marketing locally. When they grew up, they needed to sell on a large scale. Certification was born there because it is the bridge between a producer who is in a place and a consumer who does not know it and lives far from the place of production.

-What role does the consumer currently have?

Today the consumer is the one who is generating trends in consumption. Since he is a conscientious consumer, he reads labels. When you see that there is a seal on them that says organic, you can know the history that that product has behind because it has a lot of information (who is the producer, when was it certified, you can know the registration number in SENASA, etc.). OIA has different certification programs that are adjusted to the specific needs of its clients. If you have questions or queries, contact us by email oia@oia.com.ar or by phone (+54 11) 4793 4340, our team is available to provide all the necessary help to guarantee your certification.

Access the video of the interview on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY3APoXVck0