Drums of Honey


It is a certification program that guarantees the safety of metal drums such as food contact containers addressed to manufacturers and recyclers of honey drums in bulk.

OIA is a certifier authorized by the SENASA (National Service of Health and Agri-Food Quality) for the Certification Program of the Manufacturing Process and / or recycling to new Metal Drums of Honey or containers of honey in bulk.

From July 1, 2018, SENASA established mandatory compliance of the Resolution 5-E / 2018 for manufacturers and recyclers of honey drums in bulk. By means of this Resolution, it is required that all companies that manufacture or recycle new honey containers in bulk certify their production process for commercialization for both domestic consumption and export in a manner complementary to the requirements set forth in Chapter IV, Annex I of the Code Alimentario Argentino on “General criteria for food packaging and equipment in contact with food”.

To obtain this certification, it is mandatory to comply with the following points:

  • The issuance of transactional certificates for each drums sold, in order to demonstrate the traceability and its relationship with the drum quality control system.
  • Verification of the quality control of the company at the end of the manufacturing or recycling process, as part of the coherence of the holistic verification of the manufacturing system.
What advantages does it have?
  • A final product of excellent quality
  • Traceability of the finished product to the raw material
  • Avoid trademark fraud with the nomenclature of the SENASA Labels
Who can get the certification?

This program is addressed to all honey drummers and recyclers.

How is the certification process?
  1. The process begins when the producer, processor and / or marketer meets with OIA to present their project and verify the existence of a quality attribute to be certified.
  2. Upon request for certification and signing of the contract, the exchange of documentation and information required by the Program is carried out.
  3. After specifying the inspection, a report is prepared, which mayo or not, lead to nonconformities. The client is certified after a positive report with absence of non-conformities.
  4. Finally, the cycle for supervision is restarted.



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