Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and Appeals

Complaints received by OIA.

A complaint is the manifestation of a dislike or dissatisfaction by any person or organization related to OIA certification activities, where a response is expected.

The OIA complaint procedure is available upon request to any interested party.

Operators and / or third parties can contact OIA to report a complaint using different communication channels: telephone, e-mail, personal visit, or by completing the contact form on the OIA website. In all cases, the person making the complaint is asked to provide at least the following information:

– Contact person

– Reason / description of the complaint

– Documentation (if applicable)

The complaint must be received within 6 (six) months after the event that gave rise to it. If the complaint is incomplete, OIA may consider it inadmissible or irrelevant and refuse to treat it.

OIA will confirm receipt of the complaint and this confirmation will indicate at least:

– Its admissibility, if the complaint is related to the activities for which OIA is responsible;

– First action proposal to follow up on the complaint.

In the event that the complaint is considered not pertinent, OIA will document the reasons why it has made that decision.

For the treatment of the complaint, OIA designates a person or group of persons responsible for coordinating its management and handling. The personnel involved in handling the complaint may not be anyone who was involved in the event that gave rise to the complaint.

OIA keeps records of the complaints received, collects and verifies all the information necessary to carry out their treatment.

Finally, the actions taken are reported to whoever made the complaint.

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An appeal is a formal request for reconsideration of a certification decision taken by OIA within a certification process.

The OIA appeals procedure is available upon request to any interested party.

An operator may appeal a certification decision made by OIA by submitting a written discharge, within 10 (ten) calendar days of being notified of the certification decision. The appeal must include a copy of the certification decision and the operator’s reasons for disagreeing with it. If the data required for the appeal is incomplete, OIA may reject it.

OIA convenes an Appeals Committee, responsible for coordinating the management and treatment of the appeal, which ratifies or rectifies the certification decision, once the existing documentation in OIA and the client’s discharge has been analyzed. The Appeals Committee staff related to the handling of the appeal shall not be anyone who has been involved in the inspection or certification decision-making. The Appeals Committee issues its response within 90 days.

OIA gathers and verifies all necessary information (as far as possible) to progress the appeal to a decision.

Depending on the Certification Program, the operator can appeal in a second instance to the accreditation body and / or to the standard owner.