Closing of the Organic Sunflower Cultivation Course at the Young Adults Federal Complex of Marcos Paz.

15 Dec 2022

On November 11, the closing of the course on Organic Sunflower Cultivation was held at the Federal Complex for Young Adults in Marcos Paz.

This project is the result of a joint effort by Encope, the Complex’s authorities, the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, the National Institute of Agricultural Technology and the International Organization for Agricultural Development.

Knowledge, personnel, space, certification of the production process and appropriate infrastructure are some of the contributions that each institution and agency involved managed to provide to the project so that it could finally be carried out satisfactorily.

The inmates learned how to manage the production of edible mushrooms, which they will be able to use when they are released from prison.

The possibility of working in the execution of a productive enterprise of these characteristics, with traceability and management, which implies permanent care in the stages of inoculation, production, conditioning and certification, constitutes an important tool for social reinsertion. As well as learning how to produce a very versatile product of high nutritional value, such as sunflower seeds.

During the closing ceremony of the course, certificates were handed out to each student. Agents and intern workers proudly received the diploma that represents their effort and commitment in their work.

Source: Encope