During the pandemic, the consumption of sustainable products grew

14 Sep 2020

More than 650,000 users bought sustainable products in Argentina in the last twelve months, in particular in the categories Vegetables and Compost, Mobility without emissions, Organic Food and Zero waste products, doubling their consumption during the pandemic in the country and Latin America.

In recent months, the sale of reusable diapers grew more than 2,000%; bottles with more than one use more than 900%; sustainable face creams more than 700%; orchards and compost bins more than 550% and menstrual cups almost 350%, said the Telam agency.

Sales of flowerpots and flowerpots also grew (557%) and “remanufactured” electronic items, that is, restored to new. Newsan is one of the manufacturers that has products of this type available. In this case, the company implemented a special triple impact program in an agreement with the Tzedaká Foundation whereby the company donates to the Foundation appliances that require repairs, carried out by trained people through an after-sales service.

“The growth in demand for sustainable products in this context has been higher than the average for the platform. This suggests that there is a direct relationship between spending more time at home and the adoption of more environmentally friendly consumer practices. environment and communities, “said Guadalupe Marín, Senior Sustainability Manager at Mercado Libre, responsible for the study. “There are more and more products and entrepreneurs offering this type of product in Argentina and the region,” he added.

With the aim of boosting the value chain and the triple impact entrepreneurial ecosystem, Mercado Libre has had a permanent section of sustainable products since 2019, which today offers in Argentina more than 6,600 products from almost 1,400 SMEs across the country.

Until August 28, the fifth edition of #EcoFriday was held, to promote the adoption of sustainable consumption practices, through energy efficiency products (LED lights, low-consumption electrical appliances, solar panels), recycled products, orchards and compost bins, bicycles and low-emission vehicles, organic products, and sustainable beauty and personal care products.

According to the study, the number of users who bought sustainable products in Argentina during the last twelve months represented 26% of the regional total. In that period, 28,000 users chose a product from the sustainable section as their first purchase within Mercado Libre.

Source: baenegocios