GLOBALG.A.P. launches a new consumer label for fruit and vegetables

28 Apr 2021

The aim of the new GGN label is to provide transparency about production and, in fact, thanks to a 13-digit code printed on each of them, consumers will be able to know the origin of the fruits and vegetables they buy.

GLOBALG.A.P. c / o FoodPLUS GmbH has presented this Tuesday, April 27, its new GGN label, intended for the consumer. The event, which took place online, was attended by professionals from the agricultural and retail sectors from around the world. Unlike the previous GGN labels, specific for aquaculture products and flowers, the newly introduced one can also be used for fruits and vegetables, as the experts from GLOBALG.A.P. Explained yesterday. In this way, the new GGN label is “universal” and valid for the different product categories.

The GGN label – “All in one”

Since consumers keep a single shopping list when they go to the supermarket and seek consistent guidance for different product categories, GLOBALG.A.P. c / o FoodPLUS GmbH has decided to develop a single uniform label for all categories, instead of having two, each specific to each field. The new GGN label represents transparency and certified responsible production, and can be applied to both packaged and fresh bulk products. It is available starting this April for producers, retailers, traders, packers and restaurant chains.

Kristian Moeller, CEO of GLOBALG.A.P. c / o FoodPLUS GmbH, assured during the presentation that “transparency is the essence of the GGN label. We help, on the one hand, consumers to know the origin of their products and, on the other, companies that practice and advocate responsible production to show it. Together, we take transparency to the next level. “

The 5th anniversary of the GGN label

Five years ago, GLOBALG.A.P. c / o FoodPLUS GmbH presented its consumer initiative: the GGN label. It was first launched in 2016 for aquaculture products and subsequently for floriculture products in 2017. Now, in 2021, fruit and vegetables have also been included.

All products with the GGN label come from a farm whose production processes have been certified by an independent body in accordance with the international standards GLOBALG.A.P. or one of the standards recognized as equivalent by GLOBALG.A.P. These standards are holistic in nature and cover food safety, sustainability, environmental protection, animal welfare, worker health and safety, and supply chain transparency. All these aspects of responsible production are included in the GGN label, which, through the unique 13-digit identification numbers for each actor in the supply chain that has GLOBALG.A.P certification, allows the traceability of the product to be followed.

Each GLOBALG.A.P. it corresponds to the profiles on the GGN label portal (, so that they allow consumers to discover the origin of their product. There are already 576 farm profiles available.

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Source: Revista Mercados