Good agricultural practices against COVID-19 available in one place

13 Apr 2020

The Ministry of Agriculture gathered, in a single site, the appropriate practices in agricultural productions to carry out in quarantine.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries published on its site the general guidelines for the development of good practices in different agricultural productions. In this way, all activities and work can be carried out, taking into account all the necessary precautions according to the activity. In this way, it contemplated protocols for six important sectors: Family Agriculture, Beekeeping, Food and Beverages, Fishing, Local Markets and Dairy.

Each of the guidelines has a series of introductory and general precautions, and then recommendations for work before, during and after the return of each of the tasks.

In each case, there are the details to take into account according to the activity.

To know the guidelines, you can click here.

Source: Infocampo