Interview with Pedro Landa about certification and traceability

15 Feb 2022

Ricardo Bindi interviews Agronomist Pedro Landa, Technical Director of OIA, who tells us about certifications, traceability and current affairs in the world of meat and grains.

The country needs to export more products that add value link by link to consumers. The certifications are here to stay, many of BPA, agricultural products, food, processes, even animal welfare in sheep in Patagonia, for example. That is why we interviewed a reference in the matter, Ing. Agr. Pedro Landa, Director of the International Agricultural Organization – OIA. The EU and US markets, and their new demands, the role of the pandemic and the needs of consumers. In addition, current issues such as Agroecology, or carbon capture certifications in the field and the processes of agrobioindustrial chains

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Source: Agrositio