Know the benefits of the Seal “Argentine Foods a Natural Choice”

07 Feb 2022

OIA, together with its team of professionals, provides the client with a qualified, reliable and transparent service throughout the process of obtaining the seal.

The Argentine Food seal is a value-added tool that can be used by producers since 2005 and is granted by the National Ministry of Agroindustry. Its objective is to identify quality foods and their attributes under a national image, enabling their positioning, placement and marketing both in the domestic and international markets.

The Program is ideal for that Argentine producer and/or processor who wishes to guarantee the differential quality attributes of their food products. It can be requested by any natural or legal person, who is a producer, company that produces and/or prepares food in Argentine territory, and that complies with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Manufacturing Practices (BPM) and/or the Food Analysis System. Hazards and Critical Control Points (HACCP), as appropriate to the Quality Protocol. The protocols are developed jointly between the public and private sectors based on the characteristics of the product, process and packaging, always taking the Argentine Food Code as a reference. The requirements are greater than the base since they point to the demands of international markets.

At the end of the audits and procedures, the Ministry of Agroindustry of the Nation grants the Seal “Argentine Foods, a Natural Choice” to the applicant to be used in the product and that is renewed every 2 years. Thus, the products that obtained the right to use the Seal present the isologotype on the packaging, label or on the product itself.

Products that obtain the “Argentine Foods a Natural Choice” Seal can access a refund of 0.5% of export withholdings. As well as they also have the opportunity to participate in fairs, exhibitions, seminars and national and international business rounds from the work articulated between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (AAICI). They also have priority in participation in courses, training, business schools and projects organized by the Ministry and with institutional promotion in the web catalog, which increases their chances of maintaining communication about the company and its products abroad.

Thus, this certification gives the product a guarantee of added value. Being audited by a third party, the seal contributes to creating the bond of trust, security, guarantee and commitment between the producer and the consumer.

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