Masseube Patagonia, new main sponsor of CASI, organic products and support for sports

25 Mar 2022

The Patagonian natural and organic sweets company and CASI signed an agreement under which Masseube Patagonia becomes the new main sponsor of Club Atlético de San Isidro, both in its rugby and hockey formations.

Masseube, a company dedicated to the production and sale of natural and organic Patagonian sweets, certified by OIA, and the San Isidro Athletic Club, reached an agreement by which Masseube becomes the Main Sponsor for the next few years.

CASI is the top winner of the Buenos Aires Rugby Union Tournament (URBA) and five-time champion of the Metropolitan Women’s Hockey Tournament, as well as one of the most traditional, recognized and prominent rugby clubs in the country.

This strategic alliance consists of the exclusive presence of the main brand in the rugby and hockey jerseys of the superior squads, in exclusive points inside and outside the fields of both sports.

On the other hand, the agreement contemplates the interest of CASI and Masseube Patagonia in the development of other initiatives and actions that may be implemented in the future.

“We are very proud to have entered into this agreement with CASI. For Masseube it represents a new milestone in our development and in the history of our existence,” said Nicolás Núñez, president of Masseube.

And he added that “not only do we share values ​​and principles with the club and with the sports it represents, but we also believe that we can build together new initiatives that go beyond conventional sponsorship and that is why we see this agreement for an indefinite term” .


During the presentation, which took place at the Club Atlético de San Isidro, glories of the club were present, such as Agustín Pichot and Santiago Phelan.

Both were enthusiastic about the agreement and about the URBA Top 13 season that will begin shortly.

“It is a joy that the club has the support of Masseube. We see the love that we have for the club reflected in how they work within the brand. It is a very good alliance. I see the club very well, much better than in others years. They have been training a lot for this tournament. I have a lot of faith in them”, remarked Pichot, former captain of Los Pumas between 1999 and 2007.

For his part, Santiago Phelan, former coach of Los Pumas between 2007 and 2013, stated: “We are very happy that Masseube joins CASI, which implies a club with all the social part and the values ​​that are lived within it. In sports, I see the CASI more consolidated, with a balance between young and experienced players who hopefully can start competitive in the tournament”.

From the CASI Commercial Subcommittee, Facundo Casillas showed his enthusiasm with the strategic alliance: “We are very happy to start this long-term relationship with Masseube and the support they are giving the club. Above all, because of what the brand means and the elaboration of their products, since they are organic, sustainable and care for the environment. We hope it will be a great year for CASI, both in rugby and hockey”.


In the case of Masseube, it is the first formal strategic agreement of this type and stems from an identification with the values ​​of sport such as integrity, perseverance, effort, teamwork and the search for excellence.

With its organic processing plant in Lago Puelo, Chubut, the company of Patagonian origin continues to develop new products, which are distributed throughout the country.

It should be clarified that in addition to growing fine fruit on its own land located in Patagonia for the production of its products in its Valle Del Medio establishment in Lago Puelo, Masseube also invests in the area of ​​research and development based on productive ecological criteria and seeking the excellence of quality and the preservation of the environment as main objectives.

Source: Cronista