Nestlé launches the first powdered milk produced under organic monitoring certified by Organización Internacional Agropecuaria.

21 Jul 2021

Nestlé has just presented in Argentina two new varieties of powdered milk (one with organic certification and another with only A2 β-casein protein) whose development implied an investment of US $ 16.5 million in the last three years.

With this launch, the Swiss food company innovates in the market with the first powdered milk produced under organic follow-up in the country and which will be available for the whole family. Likewise, the investment was used to strengthen the easily digestible milk platform that the company sells.

“At Nestlé, we are highly committed to the growth and development of Argentina. We have been present in the country for more than 90 years and since then we have always worked with the same focus: to continue creating the future by developing high-quality, value-added products for Argentine consumers. ”Said Gian-Carlo Aubry, CEO of Nestlé Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. “More than 3 years ago, we began this path of innovation to develop two segments that did not exist in the Argentine dairy industry and that also undoubtedly have great potential for export: organic milk and A2 milk. And this was possible thanks to the efforts of a great team: from the Nestlé Agricultural Services, Development and Innovation team to the dairy farmers, many of them SMEs, who trusted us ”, he concluded.

The production of organic milk implies respecting the standards of organic production taking care of the dairy ecosystem, respecting the natural behavior of the cows and not using pesticides or agrochemicals. To achieve this, the company accompanied and assisted 17 milk producers for more than three years, with the support of a team of specialized technicians. In addition, it created agreements with dairy farmers to make a joint investment focused on the reconversion of pasture lands and the feeding of cows free of pesticides and agrochemicals.

The certification is in charge of Organización Internacional Agropecuaria S.A. (OIA), a pioneer certification company in the country. According to Pedro A. Landa, Technical Director of OIA, “Organic production also became a solution for these family businesses, which in many cases are located near peri-urban areas. It was key in the process, to achieve a change of thought and understanding of these forms of production that are more friendly to the environment and that perhaps refer to the old way of producing “… ..” the consumer of organic products is much more demanding. To address this, you have to get out of the medium-term look, you have to leave the immediate and move to see further, being able to plan two years to make the change that the organic needs and that is sustained with a periodic monitoring in the cycle annual production ”.