OIA launches its certification seals for vegan and vegetarian products

05 Aug 2021

Organización Internacional Agropecuaria (OIA), a leading company in certifying transparency and generating confidence in the quality of products, is authorized to certify, through a private protocol, vegan and vegetarian products.

Both veganism and vegetarianism are lifestyles that progressively add new followers around the world. These trends undoubtedly influence purchasing habits and generate new market niches in which the concept of responsible business predominates. Consumers are not just looking to replace meat and dairy, but are checking product ingredients and additives.

Faced with this panorama and the need for the rapid identification of these products, OIA launches the vegan and vegetarian product identification seals to facilitate the consumer’s identification of certified products, ensuring that they do not contain ingredients or supplements of animal origin and that they do not have been tested on animals.

These seals seek to convey transparency and trust to the consumer, while allowing producers to demonstrate their commitment and responsibility in the production of vegan and vegetarian products of the highest certified quality.

If you have any questions or queries, you can communicate via email to oia@oia.com.ar or by phone at +54 11 47934340