Referents of organic production met with the Ministry of Economy and Energy of Mendoza

12 Dec 2020

The meeting sought to promote the development of healthy products due to the fact that demand has been growing exponentially as a result of the pandemic.

The Ministry of Economy and Energy of the province, through the Directorate of Agriculture, advances in meetings with different sectors linked to agricultural production in Mendoza and on this occasion, Valentina Navarro Canafoglia, head of the organization, received Igor Baratoff, a reference in the Region of the “Argentine Movement for Organic Production” (MAPO)

In this context, Baratoff commented: “Together with different organizations, professionals, Senasa and the certifiers, we work together for the development and growth of organic culture. In the province we have organic producers from 30 or 40 years ago. There is a tradition that has been maintained and in recent years, the consumption of this type of product has grown exponentially ”.

Asked about this increase and the origin of the demand, Baratoff remarked that it mainly comes from the foreign market, however in the last two or three years, the domestic market has shown a significant rebound in terms of consumption and even more so during the pandemic. “There are firms that no longer have a stock of products and I am talking about all kinds of products, from wines to jams and preserves in general,” he added that the problem in the sector is supply, not demand.

Baratoff, along with other Mendoza producers, is the benchmark in the MAPO Cuyo Region. The movement carries out various actions aimed at increasing the production and consumption of organic products. In this sense, he remarked that various promotional actions have been carried out at fairs in the province and in the country.

According to the specialist, Mendoza is the second province nationwide in the production of certified organic after Buenos Aires: “

Source: Mendovoz