Santa Fe will also give incentives to producers who apply Good Agricultural Practices

11 Mar 2021

The Ministry of Production, Science and Technology of Santa Fe will implement a program to benefit those who use sustainable production tools.

The Government of the province of Santa Fe, through the Ministry of Production, Science and Technology, advances in the implementation of a Program of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This plan provides for the delivery of economic incentives for agricultural producers and public and private institutions that carry out their productive activities in the province and that implement Good Agricultural Practices.

In this regard, the Minister of Production, Science and Technology, Daniel Costamagna highlighted: “This program constitutes an agri-food policy that stimulates the adoption of technologies, tools and productive practices for a harmonious, sustainable and balanced growth of production in the province with axis central in the protection of the health of workers, urban centers and natural resources that it is our duty to preserve ”.

The Program

The economic recognition will be destined to all agricultural producers who develop agricultural, dairy, livestock, mixed, horticultural, fruit and vegetable activities, and who implement the proposed GAP. Public or private institutions such as associations, foundations, cooperatives, agricultural and educational organizations or institutions, will also receive financial recognition for the support and encouragement of producers in the adoption of GAP.

What are GAP

The proposed GAPs are divided into three sections: Social Commitment; Environment and Agricultural Production, and Innovation. Those agricultural producers who meet a series of requirements and have accredited at least five GAPs out of the 13 proposals in two sections will receive an annual economic recognition.

Public and private institutions must comply with at least two GAPs of the proposals. In the coming days, each interested party will be able to obtain more information and enroll in the Program through a self-management platform enabled for this purpose on the official website In this platform, basic data of the production systems must be entered and the selected GAPs and vouchers must be entered to accredit each practice.

This program will have an advisory committee, made up of various institutions linked to the agricultural sector, for the monitoring and evaluation of GAPs presented by producers and institutions. This committee will constitute a management tool and will generate indicators for the continuous improvement of the Program.

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