Some mates with… Aldo Antonutti

02 Jul 2021

We chat with Aldo Antonutti Founding Partner of Alimentos Reales S.R.L., the first company to certify organic popcorn in Argentina under the trademark “Bamboo, alimentos reales.

How did “Bamboo Snacks” come about?

It all starts with a trip to New Zealand, we toured an island by car with my wife and we decided to stop at an organic supermarket on the route to buy some snacks and continue traveling. My wife, who is a fan of popcorn, finds some organic ones for the trip: we bought them, we tried them and they were spectacular. When we returned to Argentina, the idea was spinning in my head. I decide to start researching more on the subject: market, machines, suppliers and I discover that in Argentina there was a representative of a brand of machines with more than 100 years of experience in the production of popcorn and a world leader. I go to the representative’s offices, tell him what I wanted to do, what machines I was looking for, and try to get as much information as possible.

Pablo attends me, they advise me on the machines I needed but they were not in stock, in 60 days some models that I needed would arrive. Upon leaving his office, I tried to advance as far as I could putting together the project, estimating the investment I needed to go out and find investors.

After 60 days Pablo called me to tell me that the machines had arrived and if I wanted to go see them work. I go to see the machines and tell him that I had the whole project set up but had not been able to get the necessary investment to advance with the purchase. It was there that without knowing me, he told me, come on Monday morning so you show me the project numbers and the necessary investment. That Monday we had a meeting with his partner Christian: we like the project, let’s move on, they told me without hesitation

What are the objectives of the company?

Develop a new line of healthy snacks. We started with this line of organic popcorn but soon we will be incorporating and developing other types of snacks.

Why did you decide to turn to the production of organic popcorn?

In the gondolas of developed countries there are many varieties of popcorn, they are a trend and the most consumed snacks. We found it an incredible opportunity to be able to develop it locally living in a country that is a world leader in the export of pisingallo corn.

We come to break with the paradigm that popcorn is only eaten at the cinema or watching a movie at home. We introduce a new healthy snack in a category that is dominated by artificial flavors and colors. We want it to be part of the day to day at the office, at school, at the club, in the car or wherever you imagine.

Where is the production plant located?

It was not easy to find a municipality in an industrial zone with good access. We chose to locate our production plant in Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires. From there we have quick access to the entire AMBA and a quick exit to the rest of the country as well.

What is the range of products that you sell?

Bamboo is a new concept in healthy snacks where we started developing a line of Organic Popcorn ready to eat in three varieties; Organic Sugar, Sea Salt and Sweet & Salty.

What characteristics does each one have?

They are light and healthy popcorn where we carefully select each ingredient. They are made with just three ingredients; Organic Pisingallo Corn, Coconut Oil and Organic Sugar or Sea Salt.

What are the benefits of consuming these products?

The good thing about consuming these types of snacks is that they are healthy, light and with organic ingredients. They have no hydrogenated oil, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors.

They provide fiber and are rich in antioxidants that help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases

How important is organic certification?

I have been in the organic sector for many years and I can assure you that it is increasingly important and relevant. The organic market is growing year after year and consumers are more and more informed and looking for the Organic Argentina seal.

How can the consumer buy the products?

Although we launched a few days ago, you can already find us in more than 300 organic, natural and diet stores throughout the AMBA. Soon you will be able to find them in supermarkets and little by little we are adding distributors to reach more points throughout the country.

Where can the consumer get more information?

You can follow us on Instagram @bamboosnacks and from August our website and online store will be available at

What next goals does the company have?

As the next steps we want to position ourselves within the healthy snacks category and continue adding coverage of points of sale within Argentina and then, once consolidated, be able to export.

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