Some mates with… Ariel Nosdeo

05 Sep 2022

We chatted with Ariel Nosdeo, one of the WALK entrepreneurs, marketers of organic products.

What is the history of the company?

The company was born in Tres Arroyos, Province of Buenos Aires. It is a venture that stems from a family business that has been producing salty ribbons and sweet cookies in the conventional way for more than 17 years. So with this base we started this project together with my partner Lucas Bruzzese as a way to push the organic food market towards what we proclaim in our mission, which is to offer daily products that provide balance and social and individual well-being.

What values ​​do they have when it comes to producing food?

Our factory has always emphasized and prioritized the quality of what it produces, focusing on the innovation of its products and processes, the professionalization of who we are a part of, and the investment that allows us to continue growing in a sustained manner. This is how from Tres Arroyos, the place from where we see our raw material being planted, harvested and processed, we continue betting on what we as a family set out to do. Which is to maintain a work culture according to our inclusive idiosyncrasy and connected with the people, and project our vision towards the responsibility we have with our city and that of all Argentines. To provide them with security through the value chain of our raw materials and in order to make them a little happier by consuming something as simple and everyday as food.

What does the slogan “enjoy the road” that accompanies your products mean?

We chose the phrase because no matter the age and the moment, enjoying is for everyone. Since we aim for people to see this type of proposal as something popular. And thus demystify the belief that a product with these characteristics is for few. Because ultimately we want to offer the possibility of choosing what is good for consumers and the planet we live on

What certifications do they have?

Our plant has BRC quality standards, one of the most important worldwide in terms of food, and which allows us not only to guarantee an excellent product but also to export and enter sales channels that demand the highest quality standards. In turn, it is OIA that certifies us in Argentina and throughout the world as an organic product and this allows us to promote ourselves in all countries through a prestigious seal such as that of this entity.

What is the importance of those certifications?

Certification is very important to us as it gives us direction and organizes us. We also believe that certifying is a guarantee mechanism so that the consumer can choose a product that complies with the regulations.

What is the range of organic products you produce?

Walk’s portfolio has 6 products, 3 of which are salty ribbons and 3 sweet cookies. The ribbons come in flavors: with seeds, sea salt and oregano. While the cookies we produce are: with seeds (sunflower and flax), oat-honey flavor and oat-raisins.

How is the production process of the products?

By having quality controls we have certain requirements regarding the shipment of raw materials by suppliers. Producing organically forces us to work for quality. So the purchasing, quality and development area contacts the suppliers and the process begins there. Then, the raw material arrives and is controlled in the laboratory so that it meets the standards. Then the production area is in charge of producing the stocks.

How is the distribution process?

Then the stocks end up with a commercial business model. We have 23 commercial representatives who sell throughout the country. And they reach the channel of distributors and wholesalers, which allows us to be present in stores, dietetics and supermarkets. In addition, we directly serve the national supermarket chains (Carrefour, Walmart, Cooperativa Obrera, Jumbo, Día and Vea). Luckily, the consumer accompanies us and we managed, during the last 5 years, to quadruple sales.

How can the consumer get more information?

We have a fluid communication system with those who choose us through social networks. On Instagram @disfrutawalk, Web and email We invite you to enter our website and purchase our products online.

What long-term goals does the company have?

At Walk we plan to increase the portfolio of healthy products. To position Argentina as a producer of this type of food manufactured with high quality and fundamentally with the sustainability that the planet demands today. We are convinced that the food industry has the opportunity to be responsible by having a positive impact on what is produced. And promote measures that later have an impact on people’s health in parallel with sustainable improvements for the environment. We are going to continue seeking to massify the consumption of organic products, offering everyday products that provide a healthy balance to people’s lives, thus becoming a benchmark in well-being and quality of life.