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02 Nov 2020

We interviewed the founder of the company De Mi Campo, an organic producer of aromatic herbs from the town of Barreal, San Juan.

What are the origins of the company?

The company originates from my great love for Barreal, the place where we have the plantations. Barreal is a town belonging to the Calingasta department, located in the extreme south west of the San Juan province. It is located in the Calingasta Valley, at the foot of the arid Andes, it is 200 km from the province of Mendoza and 170 km from San Juan. The proximity of the mountain gives a particular thermal amplitude to the Barreal Valley, conforming an ideal environment for the development of aromatic herbs. For 22 years I decided to turn to organic production. My idea was always to give back to Barreal everything he always gave me. So I thought of producing a product to be able to export it and make the town known.

What is the philosophy of the company?

Organic production is a philosophy of life. We believe in the value of nature and caring for the environment. Therefore, our products do not have preservatives or artificial additives. De Mi Campo is our way of sharing the privilege of working this land and of continuing in contact with our roots, generating a product that respects, disseminates and revalues ​​them. I also consider that the most beautiful thing that the company has in addition to its production and its values, is the people who are in it.

Why did you decide to produce herbs and spices and infusions?

Herbs are optimal because of where we are. The environmental characteristics because the thermal amplitude concentrates the flavors.

We have great respect for natural cycles. At 1900 m.s.n.m. the thermal amplitude, the sun and the proximity of the mountain whose melt waters irrigate the fertile fields of Barreal, create an ideal environment for the development of aromatic herbs. With regard to infusions, it is very characteristic of Barreal, lemon verbena and it occurred to us to make them in a very special way.

How is the aromatic production process?

Between the months of December and April all varieties are collected. Their selection is one hundred percent artisanal as well as their drying and then grinding. The herbs are harvested with the first sun in the morning, never under the strong of the afternoon.

During the drying days, only dryers with Teflon or cane mesh are used, arranged in ventilated and shaded places. Then the destemming or threshing is carried out, also a traditional task, totally carried out by hand with extreme care.

Finally, the packaging and final presentation of the product is carried out one by one, in envelopes, jars and boxes of ecological paper. Which makes it a strictly artisanal production process.

Any tips to use in the kitchen?

I recommend the herbal salt (made with rosemary, oregano, and thyme), which was a boom lately. Since it is very exquisite to add to meals, since it has a very special flavor.

What is the range of products they have?

We currently have 60 products:

Gourmet line:

  • Species: Chili pepper, Paprika, Black pepper.

  • Basil: Wild, Tarragon, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Saffron

  • Dehydrated: Dehydrated Tomatoes, Dehydrated Tomatoes in Malbec Olive Oil.

  • Dressings: Vinegar with herbs, Balsamic Aceto, Extra Virgin Olive.

  • Infusions: Melisa, Kidron, Mint, Chamomile

  • Sweets: Quince, Alcayota

  • Mix in wooden boxes: Mini Sweets, Wooden box with mini sweets, Table with sweets x 500 grs., “Gran Gourmet” Box, “Gourmet” Box

Scent line:

  • Roses: Rose Petals

  • Lavender: Lavender Flowers

  • Mix in wooden boxes: Roses and Lavenders, Box “Aromas of Lavender”, Box “De Lavanda”, Box “Of Roses”

Why is certified organic production important?

The organic thing was totally innovative in the area when we started but we believe it is the future. Organic production has a huge differential. Currently owning an organic label makes a big difference. Since it allows the consumer to recognize the value of that product. Today the consumer values ​​organic food for the health it represents for them and the environment.

How can the consumer purchase your products?

We market in different ways. One is from our website: where we deliver to the entire country.

We are also exporting our production to: Germany, Panama, Chile among other countries. Reaching so many destinations fills us with pride as it is a brand recognized for its quality. We also give business gifts, it is an item that allows us to reach more people through a product catalog. Finally, we are present at the Ezeiza Airport Freeshop, in the gourmet area, where people from all over the world can buy our products there

What plans does the company have for the future?

We always aspire to keep doing things. We strongly believe in organic production. After the coronavirus pandemic, we will continue to grow. In any case, in these months we have sold many species, since people have reconnected with the kitchen at home and we look forward to it continuing like this later when things normalize.

More information:

Telephone  0054 . 261 . 4254171


Twitter @demicampo

Facebook De mi Campo – Gourmet Company

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