Some mates with… Cesar Genoud

03 Feb 2021

We chat with Cesar Genoud founder of Smookies, producers of organic cookies.

What is the history of the company?

The company was born in 2010 as a family business. In 2012 we launched our first product, Smookies, the first healthy sweet cookies for babies in Latin America. In the following years we focused on the commercialization and improvement of the product. After several years we have achieved a good platform of points of sale in supermarkets, pharmacies and health food stores. And in 2020, together with two other new partners, we were able to launch our second product, Smookies Kids, which are organic sweet cookies for children and children from 2 years old.

What drove you when the company was born?

When our first son Tomas began the complementary feeding stage, together with Mercedes, my ex-wife, we noticed that the supply of healthy foods for babies and young children in Argentina was very scarce. We both wanted to become independent to dedicate ourselves full time to a noble project where each one could contribute their passion and expertise (Mercedes is a food technologist and I am a commercial lawyer). That is why we decided to leave our corporate jobs and make our own food that we could not find in the market.

What led you to go organic?

From the beginning of the company we had the vocation that all our products were organic. At that time, it was impossible for us to certify our cookies because some essential ingredients for their preparation were not yet available (such as organic 000 flour). For this reason, having finally been able to certify our new cookies is a dream come true.
What certifications do they have?
For now, only organic certification.
What is the range of organic products?
Organic sweet cookies for boys and girls from 2 to 10 years old. Soon, we will certify Baby cookies, Snacks and cookies for adults.
What benefits do the products bring?
Both the Baby Smookies and the Kids Smookies are vegan friendly, have no refined sugar or added salt (low in sodium), have 0% trans fat and 0% cholesterol and are a source of Omega 9. The Baby Smookies also contain 100% dehydrated fruit natural.

What is your production process?

The production process consists of dough mixing, baking, cooling, and automatic packaging. What is the range of conventional products? The Smookies Baby cookies 150 grams, in their Apple, Banana, Vanilla and Pear flavors.

Could you suggest a recipe?

Extra nutritious banana smoothie


3 banana smookie cookies

1/2 banana

1 chia spoon

1 canela spoon

1/2 cup of vegetable milk


Activate the chia: add the seeds to the vegetable  milk, let stand 10 minutes

Process everything very well

I recommend them for babies 6 months and older, when they have already tried all the foods separately or are missing one! Ideal as a snack and to share with the rest of the family!

How do you distribute the production?

We distribute production through outsourced logistics.

How can the consumer contact you and purchase your products?

They can buy directly by entering our website (currently we have a 20% discount promotion in force on all products) or contact us through our email:; our Instagram @smookiesnaturales or via whatsapp at 116 940 9781.

What next products will be hitting the market?

We are currently developing organic snacks with vegetables for the children’s segment, and organic cookies for adults. We plan to launch both products before the end of 2021.