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06 Sep 2021

We chat with the owner of JUAL, a company dedicated to the processing of leaves of different varieties of Aloe Vera.

What is the history of the company?

I have a degree in International Relations and I was dedicated to research on the Conflict in the Middle East. In a master’s degree at the University of Bologna I met Alejandro Coronel, with whom in 2004 I decided to undertake the adventure of having an organic aloe vera plantation.

First we leased a plot in the province of Formosa and got organic certification, then we got involved with a specialist pharmacist and aloe fanatic, who studied the plant and did different tests. In 2007, the three of us together with another partner, Norma Colussi, created JUAL, a brand of drinkable juices and organic cosmetics based on organic aloe vera and natural stevias.

In order not to lose the direction of the raw material, after going through the transition stage and achieving the final certification, we decided to partner with people from Calchaqui, Santa Fe, who already had experience in making products with aloe vera and we formed a plant right there a processor-extractor, ALOE CALCHAQUI SRL, where JUAL drinkable aloe vera juice and aloe vera products-supplies for the cosmetic industry are made.

Everything was built by pure lung but with the highest quality, with machinery made entirely of stainless steel and complying with all Argentine sanitary regulations, having also been enabled so that the products made there have the certified organic seal.

What mission and vision does the company have?

We make aloe vera products that help improve people’s quality of life. We are a multidisciplinary team that contributes its individual qualities in pursuit of collective achievement.

Where are they located?

Our manufacturing plant is located in Route 31 Km. 5 of the El Carmen area of ​​the City of Avellaneda, Province of Santa Fe, Argentine Republic. We have the appropriate infrastructure for the processing of different varieties of Aloe Vera (barbadensis, saponaria, arborescens) and we are in a position to offer our clients to prepare the gel according to the required formulation.

How important is organic certification?

From the beginning we were concerned about obtaining the certification that our plantation was organic, because it was important to arrive at a serious product recognized by the consumer. Indeed, being organic is not only “not using Agrochemicals” but also complying with and respecting many other standards of biodiversity, behavior, environment, transition periods, human resources, etc., thus favoring the sustainability of the systems and the care of resources. natural.

What are the benefits of aloe vera?

The Aloe Vera plant is a genus of the Asphodeloides subfamily of the Liliaceae, comprising more than 200 species. The variety that has the most principles is the Barbadensis Miller (vera), followed by the Ferox and then Saponaria (for external use).

Within its composition we find: water, resin, aloin, enzymes, proteins, Vitamins (B12, B6, B5, B, A and C), Trace elements (Sulfides, Magnesium, Germanium, Manganese, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Aluminum, Iron , Zinc, Copper Silver, Chromium and Phosphorus). Aloe acts as a purifying filter for the body, removes poisons and debris from cells, restructures and revitalizes the bone marrow, reactivates the immune system and stimulates the production of endorphins to relieve pain.

Our aloe vera gel is a high quality product suitable for the preparation of dietary supplements or to be used as precursors in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and agrochemical industries.

Numerous institutions, universities and study centers have studied the properties of Aloe: nourishing, pain inhibitor, anti-inflammatory, healing, bactericidal, digestive, fungicidal, depurative, cell regenerator, antibiotic, energizing, antiseptic, coagulant, antiviral, detoxifying .

Aloe is an important ingredient in many beauty products. It is a natural purifier due to the presence of Saponins. It penetrates the three layers of the skin: epidermis, dermis, hypodermis, and expels bacteria and fat deposits that clog pores. At the same time, the action of natural nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, stimulate the reproduction of new cells. It is also an important cell regenerator, healing, toning and high penetration into the skin. When used regularly, it prevents premature wrinkles and slows down those of age. It is an excellent ultraviolet ray sunscreen and removes stains caused by the sun, if used for a long period of time. It is also very effective in the prevention or elimination of small stretch marks.

What recommendations are there for its use?

It is important to hydrate the skin with oil or cream after the aloe has penetrated the skin. It can be used as a shampoo, fixative and conditioner, with remarkable results for both the hair and the scalp. Aloe has no known side effects.

In short, the fundamental part in all this is to be able to use aloe as a raw material for medicines, creams, cosmetics and countless products, having within reach a purely natural and organic solution to be used. It would be very important to start evaluating it.

What is your production process?

The entire Aloe Vera Gel extraction process is carried out with stainless steel equipment, specially designed for this purpose. Their designs have taken into account the minimization of manipulation by the operator as well as deep cleaning on a daily and routine basis.

ALOE CALCHAQUI SRL is a company that has a total traceability system, which allows us to know, together with our clients, everything related to the producer, the harvested property, the harvest date, the processing time, the results of the physical-chemical analyzes. and microbiological and other technical data for each batch produced.

All of the above translates into a final product with the minimum addition of additives for its conservation and a shelf life of 360 days in closed container and 30 days once opened and refrigerated.

What products do you sell?

A. Products for Health and Food, (suitable for celiacs and diabetics)

  • Organic Drinkable Juices in single dose presentation (one daily intake), in bulk or already fractionated.

Flavor Options: with Pineapple, Orange, Coconut, Passion Fruit, Papaya, Vanilla.

  • Stevia, natural sweetener. This can be liquid or powder, bulk or fractionated as desired. It can be a final product to consume at home as a Natural sweetener or used as an additive to sweeten food, for example Flavored Drinks.

B. Skin products

  • Sunscreen with Aloe Vera or Post Sun

  • Sunscreen lipstick with aloe vera

  • Nourishing Cream with Aloe Vera after sun

What sales channels do you have?

The products reach the final consumer in dietetic stores, gourmet-type establishments and some pharmacies and spas, where they arrive through wholesale distributors of the sector and some drug stores. They are also sold online at

What are the future objectives of the company?

The main objective we have for the future is the possibility of being able to export our products and reach international markets.