Some mates with … Leo Merlo

02 Jul 2020

We chatted with Leo Merlo, founder of Arytza, a company formed to manufacture 100% natural dressings and mustards.

How and when did Arytza arise?

Arytza emerged in 2005, approximately, with the idea of ​​making international quality dressings.

What difficulties did you have to face at the beginning of the venture?

Everything. From the point of development, since when we started the project we aimed at 100% natural processes without additives or preservatives, gluten-free and there was no starting point for development. On the other hand, from the point of view of financial reality, which is always complex.

What are the values ​​of the company?

The main value we have is respect for the land, the product, the way of doing things.

What products do they offer and what markets do they target?

Today we have a portfolio of 18 products, in different formats, the markets we currently work with are local markets in different niches, Uruguay, Paraguay, Germany, Spain, England and the United States.

How is the dressing production process?

In our case, being 100% natural, we do not use additives or emulsifiers, or anything artificial, which means that we have to develop our own machinery. We start from different dry millings looking for variants in granulometry. After this process we move on to wet millings from different mills and different speeds and variants. We end according to the product with a parking period.

Are there any new products that you have recently launched?

Yes, in the middle of the pandemic !! Very timely, we launched the 100% natural mayonnaise, with organic lemon juice. With 3 variants classic mayonnaise – smoked mayonnaise – garlic mayonnaise

How and where can consumers find their products?

We are in specialized stores, in Jumbo and we have an official store with deliveries throughout the country:

What are the projects that the company has in the future?

Today our main project is to finish the new factory in Patagonia, on a land of 3000 m2. We are already in the last stage, now we are held back by the context, but it is today where we have all our energy, also logically from day to day with the current context.

What are the challenges before you?

I believe that the challenges are common to all, to continue growing, to deepen our vertical integration process, we are growing our own organic crops in Patagonia, and launching new products.