Some mates with… Mariano Feldstein, president of MOO

06 Oct 2021

MOO (Meat Organic Organization) offers certified organic pasture vacuum packed meat with quality, variety and home delivery.

What is the history of the company?

MOO arose in 2017 due to the concern that we maintained a group of organic agricultural producers. The brand is also made up of: Mario Schneider, Diego Fontenla, the two sisters of the Rachel Foundation, Pamela Schiele and Andrea Russo. We always seek a general awareness and improve the quality of food and the environment.

How were the beginnings?

We wanted to have our own brand and to reach the public directly. We have certified organic fields and certified farms. Then we had to certify everything that is the refrigeration part and the traceability of the entire farm. At that time, the Carrefour supermarket was interested in starting to have organic meat in one of its stores, so we started working with them. Carrefour told us that he was willing to produce the product. We did the task of certifying everything, we had to generate the brand, we certified the refrigerator and the production sites.

What are the values ​​they have?

We are organic producers committed to this, we are not a company that buys and sells meat. As organic producers we want organic production to grow. Our reason is to be able to help and support the producers of organic farms, so that all the effort we make can be rewarded at a price that is consistent with the effort, since we try to pay a price that is at least equivalent to the best price what is in plaza de animals in feed lot. It is important for us that people who have organic farms find in us a way to close the circle and thus value that calf that is made of grass, which the traditional market normally punishes you.

Where does the production come from?

The farm comes from various fields. Most of it comes from one of MOO’s partners, Estancia Dos Hermanas, which is a 4,200-hectare field with 6,000 heads of farm (mothers and steers) located in Arias, Córdoba province. Also, as a brand we have a breeding field in Ranchos, Buenos Aires province, and farms of other producers. We are four partners who contribute farm and also buy farm from other organic producers to be able to slaughter it and sell it through our brand.

What difference does organic meat have?

We are a responsible and respectful company for the environment and animals. We sell high quality beef from cattle raised on natural pastures (free of chemically synthesized agro-toxins). In addition, we guarantee food safety for consumers by working with the most demanding organic production standards. The steers are raised in the field on these pastures, green fields or natural pastures of high forage value, and they produce a different muscular structure, notably healthier as food, than those fattened in a corral (feed lot) or with high content of grains in their diet. . These differences are not only related to its flavor and palatability but also to the composition of the meat itself. The meat that we sell is a pasture meat, which is the meat that historically is the Argentine flag.

What is the importance of certification?

The first and fundamental thing that organic meat has is that it has an organic certification, which is endorsing everything you do, since you comply with the regulations, which is of great importance for the consumer. These animals are calves that are weaned with around 170kg and these animals then go to winter and fatten in fields, where they reach 400 kg. This process is done in an absolutely natural way, respecting the times. When you certify as a producer and we also as users of refrigerators, having an organic brand you must follow an organic practices manual. We are inspected in the fields, in the refrigerator and where we make hamburgers. Everything is traced and certified from the field to the packaging

How do they produce hamburgers?

We make a hamburger that has a low fat content, it is absolutely pure meat. The core of the burger that is what ties the meat together is made organically as well. We sell it in packs of 2 frozen hamburgers, through Tienda Nube ( There the consumer can order the hamburger and once a week we send the hamburgers to private homes; While we send them to merchants with discount codes for merchants also through the Cloud Store.

If you say organic burgers, it is also important to note that they sell organic bread to accompany them

Of course, since one of MOO’s partners is Hausbrot (organic bakery). So, at Hausbrot we make an organic white bread exclusively for MOO, which we also sell in a pack of 2 frozen and we also send it together with the hamburger. So consumers can pack their sandwiches

How can the consumer purchase the cuts?

We are present in Carrefour supermarkets, we deliver basically all the premium cuts (loin, rump, peceto, steak eye, chorizo ​​steak, etc). We are currently present in 19 Carrefour stores (you can check the details on our social networks). We are very satisfied with the reception from the public, since consumers want to eat healthy and choose organic.

How can the consumer get more information?

We invite you to follow us on our social networks Facebook ( and Instagram In our Cloud Store We also attend telephone inquiries at 54 9 11 6831-0000.

What are the future plans of the company?

We are launching organic meat empanadas, which we are going to sell frozen, so it is a new item in which we are entering. Also, we have expectations of growing and being present in more Carrefour stores, for that we want to have more tasks than we have now in order to continue strengthening the brand.

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