Some mates with… Stefan Hermansson

02 Nov 2021

BIOMAC SRL, a company founded in 2002 dedicated to the processing and storage of frozen fruits and vegetables, offers practical, healthy and natural food to Argentina and the world.

What is the history of the company?

I founded the company in 2002 with the intention of exporting natural foods from Argentina to the rest of the world. Initially focused on frozen strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, for which I hired the service of third-party plants or worked with producers who had their own plant and delivered the product ready for export.

I was working for only 3 years until with the growth of exports I was able to rent an office and hire someone to help me.

Growth continued, in 2012 we built our processing plant and distribution center in Tortuguitas, employing 105 people in 3 production shifts.

In December 2016 we suffered a fire in the plant and offices, due to a fault in the freezing tunnel. From there, we deepened our link with other processing plants, outsourcing all our processes. Which produce the products based on the quality requirements demanded by our customers and consumers.

What was it that inspired you to start the company?

I was always an entrepreneur and after a previous technological start up that did not work, I focused on putting together an export project. The motivation has changed over the years. Initially it was to be able to live on that and after having that covered it was that other people could also live on what we generated and in turn add value by selling natural and healthy products.

How is the operation of the company?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been using the home office modality only for the general administration of the company, since our work requires being constantly in the fields, in the factories and in the storage and distribution warehouse.

We focus on product quality and food safety for which we develop a highly qualified quality team that works daily with our suppliers.

We have clients abroad and we also distribute in the local market, to industries, restaurants and homes, through a direct sales system. We developed this system in 2015 and we were pioneers, so when the pandemic began we were prepared to meet the demand that increased more than 7 times.

What certifications do the products you sell have?

We have certifications in the fields and in the processing plants.

Certifications such as BRC or GFSI for plants, and GLOBALG.A.P. and Smeta for the fields.

In turn, almost all of the products we export are organic and have this certification.

Our products are also gluten-free and many of them have this certification.

What is its importance?

To export it is essential, since customers do not qualify a supplier that does not have certifications, especially safety and food safety.

And beyond the requirement of the clients, it is very important for one to work correctly and safely and aim for continuous improvement.

Where do the products come from?

The products we export are various and come from different provinces of the country. Blueberries from Tucumán, Entre Ríos and Buenos Aires, Strawberries from Tucumán and Santa Fe, Peaches from Mendoza, Pumpkins from San Juan and Mendoza, Sweet Potatoes from San Pedro and Chia and Sesame Seeds from Salta.

In turn, for the domestic market we import some products from Chile, Peru and Europe.

How do you process and store fruits and vegetables?

Our products are harvested at the right point of maturity and frozen within a few hours of harvesting using quick freezing tunnels, thus maintaining 100% of their nutrients for several months.

Before freezing, they are washed, disinfected and peeled or cut depending on the product. The vegetables have a blanching or cooking process for a few minutes, to avoid their subsequent oxidation.

After being frozen, they are packed in bags ranging from 150 grams to 15kg and placed inside corrugated cardboard boxes for better maintenance and storage.

Microbiology analyzes are performed on all consignments to ensure food safety.

Our products are stored in chambers with temperatures below 18 ° Celsius.

Could you give us some tips for the preparation?

Fruits are ideal for making smoothies or fruit shakes, adding water or orange juice.

Vegetables are very handy for making cakes or sautéing in a skillet.

Would you like to give us a recipe that is highly requested by consumers?

You can see many recipes on our Instagram account @biomac

What are your sales channels?

We market through wholesale and retail channels.

We sell to large industries that prepare ice cream, sweets or juices; to restaurants and distributors. Lastly, we reach homes through our nationwide network of resellers.

How can the consumer buy?

You can buy at and a reseller brings the product to your home.

Companies can write to us at and a seller will contact them.

What next goals do you have in the company?

The main objective is to increase production, not only of current products, but by developing new products.

We are working with some producers in production programs for squash, peach, garlic, spinach, sesame and chia, among others.

In addition to continuing to add natural products to our direct sales channel to homes.