Some mates with… Wally’s Tea

15 Dec 2022

We talked to Matías Carzalo, one of the partners of Wally’s, who produce their own blends of smoked teas and spices with sustainable production patterns and promoting responsible consumption.

What are your values when it comes to quality production?

Since the origins of the company, we have sought to develop a more inclusive and sustainable economy.
more inclusive and sustainable economy. We are a triple impact company, so the socio-environmental purpose is at the core of our business model and we are committed to continuous improvement. Thus, our development plan moves from the logic of mitigating negative impacts to a new logic of generating positive impacts on people and the planet. Therefore, we work with dedication and rigor to produce quality food with sustainable production patterns and promoting responsible consumption.

Why did you decide to turn to organic production?

Since the birth of the company, we have always been interested in producing organically. We have always believed in the importance of organic production for health and the environment. Organic is a consumer need and a priority for us. Today the world is demanding more organic products because consumers are increasingly aware of the positive impact of organic consumption. Organic farming takes care of the land, the planet and the ecosystem. Therefore, organic products are healthy because they preserve their nutrients throughout the production chain. Organic products provide minerals and vitamins, for those who seek a better quality of life.

What are the characteristics of organic teas?

Our teas are made with certified organic herbs, natural ingredients and essences that preserve their original flavor and properties. This is how we prepare in Bariloche different tea blends, taking care of every step from cultivation to packaging to achieve naturally richer infusions.

What types of organic teas do you sell?

Our line of organic teas is composed of:

  • Green Tea & Ginger
    Black Tea & Red Fruits
    Earl Grey
    Green Tea & Lavender
    Green Tea
    Black Tea
    Organic Cocoa Hulls & Cinnamon

How is its production process?

The tea is of Argentine origin and is made with natural essences, with fruits at different granulometries that are incorporated into the teas. Everything starts at the harvest, respecting nature’s time. Then the separation is done there. Everything is done in tanks and with care. Later we bring the teas to our warehouse, which is certified. Where we have specific machines for organic teas. Then we pack it for distribution.

What are the characteristics of tea filters at the time of packaging?

We have the first development of a compostable packaging in tea bags in Argentina. Our tea bags are made with filter paper, with filter paper, 100% natural, plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable. We put all this knowledge at the disposal of the tea industry.

What are the benefits of consuming organic tea?

Tea is a beverage that has many benefits for the body and organic tea enhances it even more. All our products have a QR code that redirects to a website where you can find the medical benefits of each tea, which are endorsed by universities.

What is the importance of certification?

The importance of certification is key and is very important because it guarantees consumer confidence that the tea has a process behind it, verified by OIA, which certifies that the production process respects the environment.

What products make up the line of conventional spices?

In addition to tea, we are making smoked spices. They are made through a cold smoking process. We also try to reuse the packaging. Among the spices we commercialize are:

  • Ginger
    Fine Smoked Herbs
    Smoked Ground Chili
    Smoked Chimichurri
    Smoked Curry
    Smoked Granulated Garlic
    Smoked Garlic Powder
    Smoked Pizza Spices
    Smoked Masala
    Smoked Pepper Mix
    Smoked Pesto
    Smoked Paprika
    Smoked Patagonian Chimichurri
    Smoked Sweet Smoked Pepper Mix
    Smoked Merken
    Smoked Spicy Masala
    Smoked Spicy Curry
    Smoked Turmeric

How can the consumer acquire the products?

We are present in different stores: Mamushka stores, Todo supermarkets, La Anónima, Duty Free at Airports 2000 and other specialty and dietary stores. As well as the web: . You can also contact us through our Instagram:

What are your plans for the future?

We will continue to fulfill our social commitments as we seek to improve the quality of life of our employees. As well as the environmental ones, for which we are in search of organic producers to be able to have an offer of organic smoked products.