Some mates with… Yari Nahuel Lucerna

01 Jun 2021

We chatted with Yari, Veterinary Doctor, owner of “Granja‘ El Caserito ’, a company certified by private quality protocol for animal welfare of laying hens.

What is the history of the company?

Granja El Caserito was born in 2020 as a result of a concern from the work as Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of Esperanza UNL of the subject Production of Birds. There, he produced Barbecue Chickens, Laying Rearing, but he lacked the production of eggs to do all the activities that he taught in said house of studies.

So it was that I internalized myself and after a while I bought a farm in 2019, in order to produce eggs in a different way, friendly to the environment and that the people who work in it, enjoy work, far from the industrial and monotonous. The idea was born in this way and thus we produce free-range cage-free hens eggs with the possibility of going outside the hen houses to eat natural grass and have their dust baths and enjoy the sun.

Where are they located?

Granja El Caserito is located in the Province of Santa Fe, Department San Justo in the town of the same name about 7 km west of San Justo on the side of Route 61, in a virgin place in Poultry Farming and special for the Gallinas Layers can produce freely in a large space.

Why did you decide to certify by the private protocol for animal welfare of laying hens?

It is decided to certify because it is the way to guarantee this production system with an internationally recognized company such as OIA. That the consumer is calm that what he takes to his table is an egg produced with all the measures of Animal Welfare.

What does this certification consist of?

The certification consists of a private protocol which complies with all the measures of Animal Welfare and responsible production of Cage-Free Hens with access to natural pastures.

How important is this certification?

The importance of certification is to endorse what has been done in the Farm, it is the way to seal quality and demonstrate the difference.

What are the benefits of such certification for the animal and for the consumer?

The benefits for the animal are that it is in a suitable environment, because it has quality food and water, it has its nests protected to lay its eggs, perches where to sleep and perform perching activities and a large area of ​​land where it can take sun, take dust baths, run, flap their wings, and engage in activities freely.

And the benefits for the consumer are knowing that all of the aforementioned really happens on the farm and having the peace of mind that the egg that he shares with his family is an egg produced with love and that makes an emotional difference worth discovering.

How is the production process of certified products?

The production process is to feed the birds, give them quality water, harvest the eggs laid in their nests, open the side doors of the shed so that the hens can enjoy the outside and it is at the moment that we also enjoy contemplating them free and in Full Animal Welfare and in the afternoon they choose to enter their perches to rest, it is at the moment that we close the shed for the security they deserve at night and the next day enjoy another pleasant day once more.

How do you market the products?

The commercialization of the products is carried out by a company that reaches all the first-line supermarkets in the country, the housewife or consumer of these premium and differentiated products, respecting Animal Welfare, can achieve them by being careful in their purchase and choosing the product in the gondola that has the OIA seal.

What are the next goals of the company?

The next objectives will be to continue providing a quality egg, respecting the Animal Welfare of Cage-Free Hens with access to natural pastures but to make more chicken coops, since Granja el Caserito has a large and special place for this beautiful activity that we enjoy and that We transmit this sensation with the product and the OIA logo.

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