Still don’t have the Argentine Food Seal? Through the Potenciar Plan, Agriculture launched a call for agri-food SMEs that wish to obtain it

13 Sep 2022

The portfolio opened a call for agri-food SMEs that want to implement the Argentine Food Seal (SAA) and Quality Management Systems (Good Practices for the Reduction of Food Loss and Waste).

Within the framework of the Federal Management Improvement Plan for Food Companies, the Ministry of Agriculture opened a call for agri-food SMEs that want to implement the Argentine Food Seal (SAA) and Quality Management Systems (Good Practices for the Reduction of Loss and Food waste).

Encompassed within the Potenciar Alimentos Plan, the initiative seeks to articulate a strategy for generating employment and added value at source, thus guaranteeing food safety and quality.

The SAA was created in 2005 through Resolution 392 of the Secretary of Agriculture, but it was only ratified in 2014 by National Law 26,967, voted unanimously in Congress. This country brand, which is obtained from compliance with certain quality protocols, was devised with the aim of promoting the production of quality food, destined both for the domestic market and for export.

The current initiative is carried out by the Undersecretary of Food, Bioeconomy and Regional Development and aims to accompany 50 SMEs from all over the country in the implementation of two differentiation projects, which will result in obtaining the seal.

The first was named “Implementation of Good Practices for the Reduction of Food Loss and Waste (PDA) in Agri-food SMEs” and will last four months. Through remote assistance, SMEs and/or selected supply markets will receive assistance to implement practices aimed at reducing food losses and waste, “with an emphasis on increasing efficiency, sustainability, and the transition to a circular economy.” ”.

The second project, named as “Implementation of Quality Protocols of the Argentine Food Seal, A Natural Choice, in Food SMEs”, will last seven months and will target SMEs, groups of SMEs and/or cooperatives that produce agrifood within one of of the 53 official protocols. As reported, the requirement is to have the SME Certificate, and to have establishment and product records.

What are the benefits of having the SAA? “It facilitates the recognition of Argentine products in the external and internal market; adds value and contributes to differentiation for a specific quality; provides clients and consumers with a guarantee that the products are made in accordance with specific characteristics and/or conditions specially established in the respective protocols; and allows an additional 0.5% to the tariff position in Export Reimbursements (PEN Decree No. 1341/16)”, indicated from Agriculture.

The application is made on the Alimentos Argentinos website through a form that will be available until September 20, 2022.

In addition to being authorized by the Secretary of Agroindustry to audit the Seal “Argentine Food, a Natural Choice”, OIA, together with its interdisciplinary team of professionals, provides the operator with a qualified, reliable and transparent service throughout the certification process.

If you are interested in obtaining the “Argentine Food, a Natural Choice” seal, you can send your inquiry to:

Source: Bichos de Campo