The Anmat prohibited the commercialization of Olive Oil from the Fincas el Renuevo brand due to irregularities

06 Aug 2020

It was determined that the Organic Extra Virgin 100% Natural Fincas el Renuevo oil cannot be marketed or consumed due to lack of information confirming the production establishment. OIA canceled the Fincas el Renuevo certification on December 31, 2018.

The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) prohibited the commercialization of an oil, whose main point of sale is the Mercado Libre digital platform, and it was reported that the factory could not be inspected because in La Rioja province they do not have cars for these purposes because they are affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Through Provision 5090/2020 published in the Official Gazette this Thursday, the ANMAT prohibited the marketing of an olive oil. “The commercialization of the product labeled as ‘100% Natural Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fincas El Renuevo’ is prohibited throughout the national territory,” reports the Official Gazette.

The reasons for the prohibition are due to the fact that “the indicative sample analyzed … does not comply with the specifications of article 535 of the Argentine Food Code with regard to the fatty acid profile for olive oil” for which it is considered “adulterated food and it is observed in the profile of fatty acids mixed with another vegetable oil… ». It is important to clarify that the Fincas El Renuevo establishment and plant belonging to the Concesionaria de Fincas El Renuevo SA firm were decommissioned by the International Agricultural Organization (OIA), on December 31, 2018, under the certification of organic production. Said cancellation was communicated to the SENASA’s Agrifood Quality Management control body in due time and form, as observed in the provisions of the provision. The international accreditation body was also notified.

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