The award-winning Laur Cruz de Piedra oil is now organic

10 Oct 2020

Olivícola Laur, the fourth best in the world and the number 1 in Argentina, has just certified its extra virgin olive oil Laur Blend from Terroir Cruz de Piedra as organic with OIA.

“With great pride and after three years of work, audits and waiting, we are happy to announce the release of the new Terroir Cruz de Piedra Orgánico Blend on the market. As of this week, this Blend as we knew it will be discontinued and it will be 100% organic certified by the OIA (International Agricultural Organization) ”, explained Gabriel Guardia, general manager of Laur and oenologist specializing in the production of olive oil. This organic certification is in addition to those that this oil already has as Kosher, without TACC and HACCP. In addition, it is made with olives produced by the 900 protected centenary olive groves in Mendoza.

For this presentation, Olivícola Laur also innovates in packaging, with a very Argentine aesthetic. “Today Laur Blend de Terroir Cruz de Piedra Orgánico dresses in light blue and alpaca. We keep the light blue label in honor of our flag, but the live ones and the capsule will be silver, symbolizing our “gaucho silver” which is alpaca. Likewise, each bottle is presented in an individual case ”, added Guardia.

Laur Cruz de Piedra Blend de Terroir Orgánico extra virgin olive oil is a blend of the Arauco and Arbequina varieties. In the mouth it is balanced with green notes of freshly cut grass and a marked bitter and spicy presence.

Since 2011, when it began to participate in international competitions, Laur Blend from Terroir Cruz de Piedra has accumulated 33 awards, being the second most awarded extra virgin olive oil in Argentina after Gran Mandoza, also from Olivícola Laur.

Source: Yo invito Mza