The deputies Alicia Mayoral and Espartaco Marín presented a project to promote organic products from the Pampas

22 Jun 2021

A bill aimed at promoting the development of production, marketing and consumption systems for organic products in the province was presented in the Chamber of Deputies.

The initiative was presented by Deputy Alicia Mayoral and Deputy Espartaco Marín of FREJUPA, and in their first article they declared of interest “the production, marketing and consumption of organic products.”

“The project aims to strengthen organic production in the province, promoting the adoption of this production system for its high contribution to environmental preservation, sustainability and social inclusion, thus contributing to the roots of the population and territorial development,” said Mayoral and Marín. They also indicated that “the project provides for the creation of the Register of Organic Producers in the Province. Those producers who are registered in the Registry will have tax benefits. And in addition, the provincial State will have a central role in generating actions to promote organic activity among its producers and provide support for access to financing lines with preferential rates, preferential participation in fairs and trade missions that the province carries out, sponsor or sponsor, preferential access to training and information resources provided by the enforcement authority, advice for access to the seal regulated by National Law No. 26,967 of ‘Argentine Foods’, advice to achieve access to national certification to the largest number of producers, according to the National Law of Organic Production No. 25,127, among others ”.

Regarding the relevance of the project, they said that “enacting a Promotion Law for organic products is an important signal that La Pampa will give to the rest of the country and to the world, indicating its support for the conservation of the environment. Promoting these activities will allow us to have a less polluting, healthier, more sustainable agriculture that will result in future benefits for our province. ”

Finally, they pointed out “the multiple benefits that organic agriculture brings. One of them is to be a labor intensive activity. Another benefit is the generation of foreign exchange, since it is an activity that has great potential to produce for the international market. It also strengthens the provincial capital and is, in addition, an activity that conserves the environment ”.

Source: Infopico