The export of Argentine organic products grew by 11% during 2021

06 Apr 2022

The US is the main buyer. 143 thousand tons were exported, which represented 98% of the production certified by Senasa, of which 47.8% is certified with OIA.

Buenos Aires – Since 1998, the National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality (Senasa) has prepared an annual report on the situation of organic production in Argentina to provide a complete overview of the activity within the framework of Law 25,127 on organic production , biological or organic.

The report is carried out by the Organic Production Area of ​​the Directorate of Strategy and Risk Analysis of the National Directorate of Agrifood Safety and Quality. The information compiled in the reports is supplied by the certifying entities authorized by Senasa.

The latest report for 2021 shows relevant aspects. One of them is that 98% of the certified production (143 thousand tons) is destined for export, which grew by 11% compared to 2020. Another of the highlights is that the main buying market is the United States of America. , with 45% of the volume exported. (Graphs 1 and 2)

Among products of plant origin, exports of cane sugar, pears, soybeans, wine, apples, pear puree, wheat, blueberries and garlic are the most important in terms of volume. Among the exports of products of animal origin, those of the ovine activity stood out.

While the area under certification is 3.9 million hectares, distributed in 1,336 agricultural establishments, of which 38% is certified by OIA and the organic area harvested in 2021 increased by 14% and reached 96,476 hectares, sustaining the growth trend of the last 10 years. (Graph 3)

Finally, the report reflects that within livestock activities there is an incipient growth of dairy and poultry farming.

“Certified organic production continues to consolidate its growth and beyond the business opportunities it represents, it sets a trend in consumer preference for food that ensures differentiation from the farm to the table. From Senasa we accompany this consolidation and we work to sustain the projections of improvement that year after year are expected for this production”, highlighted Alejandro Fernández, national director of Agrifood Safety and Quality of Senasa.


Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Qué son los productos orgánicos?

Son productos que se obtienen de sistemas productivos sustentables. Esto se logra mediante:

  • el uso racional de los recursos naturales.
  • la no utilización de productos de síntesis química (insecticidas, fertilizantes y herbicidas entre otros).
  • el incremento y/o mantenimiento de la fertilidad.
  • el incremento y/o mantenimiento de la biodiversidad.
  • el respaldo por medio de registros que avalen el manejo aplicado.

Un producto orgánico debe poseer identidad e integridad y debe estar certificado por OIA.