The production of refined organic wheat flour from Molino Campodonico was completed

19 Nov 2020

It was produced in Tandil, Buenos Aires and Senasa specified the supervision of the refined organic wheat milling.

Senasa specified the supervision of the milling of refined organic wheat flour. The mill is located in Tandil and carried out its first milling and began its first year of production of organic three-zero flour.

Senasa agents toured the plant and supervised the tasks of the first mill. It was verified that the plant fulfilled all the requirements that a product of these characteristics should have.

From Senasa they explained that the condition of organic is certified by companies duly registered with Senasa, who then supervises their correct action through visits to the operators. “Organic is understood as any sustainable production system over time, which, through the rational management of natural resources, without the use of chemical synthesis products, provides healthy and abundant food, maintains or increases soil fertility and biological diversity ”, explained Senasa.

In addition, the product will carry a distinctive label so that consumers can identify the characteristics indicated through a certification system that guarantees them.

“Senasa continues with the supervision of the establishments in the southern region of the province of Buenos Aires with the aim that they comply with the necessary requirements for the production of safe agri-food for consumers,” said Cecilia Martínez, regional inspector of Food Safety. Vegetable.

Source: News Agrofy