The province of Chaco will develop an investment plan for the production of organic honey.

03 Mar 2023

Governor Jorge Capitanich toured the industrial plants of the companies Argenmieles, Mieles del Chaco and Grúas San Blas, located in Buenos Aires, and agreed on a millionaire investment plan.

During the visit, he agreed with the companies the possibility of setting up in the province with an investment plan of US$ 1.5 million and the generation of 40 new jobs progressively starting this year. Mieles del Chaco will increase its production capacity and Grúas San Blas will install a logistics and distribution center in the capital of Chaco.

Mieles del Chaco is a leading honey fractionation company in Argentina, employing 14 workers. It has an investment plan to triple its production capacity by one million dollars to reach 30 jobs progressively.

The Argenmieles group exports 4,000 tons per year, 1,500 of which are from Chaco, to more than 20 countries. The star product is organic honey, with an enormous prestige acquired for quality and price in the United States, the European Union and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates).

The province of Chaco has 80,000 productive beehives, with the prospect of doubling the number with a financing program from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). “Our goal is to reach 2030 with 500,000 beehives and 25 million dollars in exports through a network of 5,000 workers in the production chain,” detailed the president.

The project arose in 2012 as part of the initiative to compensate imports for exports starting from zero. In 2022, the network of extraction, pasteurization, laboratories and fractioning rooms, together with the training of producers and the strengthening of cooperatives, made it possible to reach 2.3 dollars of exports in 2022.

As for the San Blas Grúas group, the company will invest in the installation of a logistics and distribution center in the city of Resistencia to increase its territorial presence, as it has 15 plants throughout the country.

The company represents in Argentina leading and worldwide recognized brands of machinery for the construction, road, mining, oil, agriculture, ports and earthmoving industries. The company had 80 employees in 2002 and now has 530.

Source: Comunicacion Chaco