Tierra del Fuego AeIAS hosts the Advisory Commission on Organic Production

30 Nov 2022

The 74th Meeting of the Advisory Commission for Organic Production was held in person and virtually. In addition, several producers were visited and the 2nd National and International Organic Production Meeting was held.

The Minister of Production and Environment, Sonia Castiglione led the opening of the 74th Meeting of the Advisory Commission for Organic Production, which is being held in person and virtually. As part of the agenda, several producers will be visited and the 2nd National and International Meeting on Organic Production will be held.

The Minister thanked the work of all and all and considered important “to be accompanying the producers and producers to improve every day in the daily management” and pondered that “in the rest of the country is put in relevance all that is organic and all the organic theme for production, which is a place where we should go in the productive look”.

For his part, the director of Value Added and Quality Management of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Pablo Morón stressed “the value given to the Productions in Tierra del Fuego, as they permanently manage projects and initiatives for the province”.

As part of the work agenda, the members of the Commission will visit various producers in the province such as ranches with organic wool production; textile with sheep wool; organic sprouts and mushrooms; horticultural and organic black garlic and fruit and vegetables and cherries. In addition, on Friday will be held the 2nd National and International Meeting of organic production, in its virtual and face-to-face mode.

Representatives of the provinces as well as SENASA; the National Ministry of Social Development; National Seed Institute (INASE); INTA; INTI, CFI; Inter-American Commission of Organic Agriculture; Argentine Chamber of Certifiers; Argentine Movement for Organic Production.

It should be recalled that organic food production comprises a system based on a holistic and integrated management of resources to produce in a sustainable manner. In the case of the food sector, it provides products without traces of agrochemicals or genetically modified organisms, since it expressly excludes them, both in its raw material (field) and in its processing.

This production system seeks to protect the environment and the health of consumers, guaranteeing quality attributes through certification and traceability. In this sense, it is important that the products bear the certifier’s logo and the official “Organic Argentina” isologo, the use of which is mandatory.

Source: tierradelfuego.gob