Walk: differential in quality

23 Aug 2022

Quality, innovation and wellness are the main features of the organic, plant-based cookies produced by the brand. The company wants to position Argentina as a producer of this type of food.

Healthy eating is a trend worldwide and this habit is growing exponentially in Argentina. Thus, more and more mass consumption brands are aiming to launch products in this segment, while at the same time new companies are being born that seek to cater to this niche.

In this context, the Walk brand emerged, which markets organic and plant-based cookies, and belongs to Tostex, a family-owned food factory with a 17-year history.

The organic and plant-based Walk cookies belong to a venture that stems from a family business that has been producing food for more than 15 years in Tres Arroyos (province of Buenos Aires), explained the company.

“It arises from the vision and understanding of the cookie category and the conviction that the consumer demands not only physical but also mental wellbeing, being then the ingredients and sustainability key factors for food innovation. It was then that after two years of development and engineering we went to the market with Walk”, explains Ariel Nosdeo, who together with Lucas Bruzzese started this project.

“We have always emphasized and prioritized the quality of what we produce, focusing on the innovation of our products and processes, the professionalization of those of us who are part of it and the investment that allows us to continue growing in a sustained manner”, adds the businessman.

As a consequence of this, the company’s plant has BRC quality standards, which is one of the most important worldwide in terms of food. This allows them not only to guarantee an excellent product but also to export and enter sales channels that demand the highest quality standards.

“In turn, it is OIA (Organización Internacional Agropecuaria) who certifies us in Argentina and all over the world as an organic product and this allows us to promote ourselves in all countries through a prestigious seal such as the one of this entity”, he adds in this sense.

Walk’s portfolio is made up of six products, three of which are crackers and three are sweet. The savory varieties are with seeds, sea salt and oregano. The sweet ones are with seeds, oatmeal-honey and oat-raisin. In addition to their organic origin, which implies no chemicals in their raw materials, they are suitable for vegans (except honey) and are free of animal and dairy ingredients.

The brand’s intention is to continue growing and offering new products. “With Walk we plan to increase the portfolio of healthy products and position Argentina as a producer of this type of high quality manufactured food and fundamentally with the sustainability that the planet demands today”, says Nosdeo.

Source: tradeyretail