Organic Garden Workshop of Unit 19

31 Mar 2021

For a year, OIA has been accompanying the Specialized Training Project on Regenerative Organic with Social Projection that is carried out in Colonia Penal de Ezeiza (Unit 19).

During a visit carried out by the authorities of Encope, of the Penal Colony of Ezeiza (Unit 19), representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAGYP), of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), of the Inter-American Institute of Cooperation for Agriculture (IICA) and the International Agricultural Organization (OIA) observed the progress and the work that is carried out daily in the Organic Garden Workshop of the establishment.

After the arduous training received by the agents and the working interns who stay in the unit, the steps necessary for the operation of the garden were specified and today the results of all the work are observed. Quality products, maintenance and harvesting of seasonal vegetables: tomatoes (cherry, perita, platense), corn, pumpkin, chili peppers, chicory, radish, beet, aubergines, pumpkin (buttock and trunk), arugula, lemon basil, lettuce, leek, among others.

Encope, providing opportunities, with training and work.

Source: ENCOPE

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