The Certification Program for Natural and Organic Cosmetics guarantee the origin of the organic ingredients used in the production of cosmetic products. It verifies that these inputs are obtained in a sustainable production system by means of a rational use of natural resources.

Many cosmetic conventional contain harmful ingredients to health, such as those derived from petroleum, silicones, and mineral oils, among others. It is a great challenge for cosmetic companies to find effective ingredients that are natural and/or organic for their new formulas.

Within this Certification Programo of cosmetics products, OIA offers three alternatives:

  1. Natural Cosmetics OIA: The ingredients used must be organic or natural. Allows a 5% maximum of synthetic ingredients allowed as preservatives and processing aids.
  2. Organic Cosmetics OIA: The ingredients must be organic.
  3. Organic Cosmetics NOP: Must comply with the NOP regulation
What are the advantages?

OIA, as an authorized and accredited certification body, guarantees the quality of natural cosmetics and those made with organic ingredients, building reliability between producer and consumer.

The certification provides the cosmetic product not only safety and commitment with the environment, but also added value and a competitive position in the market.

How is the certification process for Cosmetics?
  1. The process starts when the producer introduces to OIA the project to be certified. In this first stage, it has to be analysed which are the standards to apply to start the certification process.
  2. After the certification request and signature of contract between OIA and the customer, there is an exchange of documents and information as required by the certification program.
  3. After the inspection, an inspection report is made and there may or may not appear non-compliances. The customer is certified after a positive report without non-compliances.
  4. Then, the cycle restarts for supervision



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