Why to certify

A certification provides to a product added value, contributing to create trust, security, guarantee and commitment links between producer and consumer. It is also an access key to differentiated markets.

The certification of products guarantees that a producer or processor operates complying quality parameters set by standards or protocols.

OIA offers different certification programs which adjust to specific customer needs. Contact OIA to find out which program fits your company best.

Types of certification

First-party certification:
In this type of certification, the producer or processor declares the way in which a product is produced.

Second-party certification:
The producer or processor is assessed by its buyer.

Third-party certification:
This certification is performed by OIA (independent certification body) which through a transparent and reliable process, guarantees that the product complies with a given standard, offering security and trust to both buyers and consumers.

OIA, accredited and approved certifier by different entities, publishes every six months the List of Operators certified under some Certification Programs as required by those programs.

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