GLOBALG.A.P. is a private voluntary certification program, with the international recognition of G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices). Its objective is to increase consumer’s trust by showing the farmer’s commitment on food safety and sustainability. This certification is a tool to open and maintain markets.

Nowadays, food health has become a global interest matter where consumers and food distributors are concerned about the chemical residues in food products.

GLOBALG.A.P. comprises mainly the following aspects: product traceability, production techniques (controlled use of chemicals), protection of the environment, health (no chemical, physical or biological contamination) and social issues (adequate working environment).

It has a modular format with integrates the production system from the farm until the product is sold.

What are the advantages?
  • Guarantees traceability of products enabling consumers to know their origin.
  • Shows commitment of producers with healthy, safe food production and sustainability.
  • Improves farmer’s management by applying quality processes.
  • Enables the product access to the most demanding markets.
  • Creates bonds of trust with customers.
Who can apply to this certification?

Producers of animal and/or vegetal products.

Among the scopes covered by this protocol, OIA certifies the following production modules: fruits & vegetables and bulk crops.

Certification Options:

  • GLOBALG.A.P. Option I: Independent producers. The certificate is issued in your name.
  • GLOBALG.A.P. Option II: Group of producers such as Cooperatives, Associations of producers, among others. The certificate is in the name of the Association and in the annex all producers are included under the scope of the certificate.
How is GLOBALG.A.P.’s certification process?
  1. The process starts when the producer introduces to OIA the project to be certified.
  2. After the certification request and signature of contract between OIA and the customer, there is an exchange of documents and information as required by the certification program.
  3. After the inspection, an inspection report is made and there may or may not appear non-compliances. The customer is certified after a positive report without non-compliances.
  4. Then, the cycle restarts for the re-certification.

In addition, OIA offers additional programs from GLOBALG.A.P. such as:

  • FSMA: Food Safety Modernization Act – FSMA (Law on Modernization of Food Safety) of the FDA, is a law issued on January 4, 2011. This regulatory change aims to transform the food safety system: the industry must use effective measures to prevent pollution instead of combating it.
  • GRASP: “Risk Assessment GLOBALG.A.P. for Social Practices “is a voluntary module developed to evaluate social practices in exploitation, addressing specific issues related to health, safety and welfare of workers.

It helps producers to establish a good social management system in their farms. Offers buyers an additional guarantee. It also helps protect one of the most important resources of exploitation: its people.



What is GLOBALG.A.P?
GLOBALG.A.P. is a private body of agricultural producers and retail partners which sets up effective voluntary standards and certification procedures for agricultural products all over the world.
Is it important to guarantee product quality?

The logo and registered trademark GLOBALG.A.P. provides added value guarantee to a product. As it is audited by a third party, the seal contributes to create trust, security and commitment between producers and consumers.

What is the GGN?

It is the GLOBALG.A.P Number. (GGN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies each producer and each individual member of a producer group.


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