It is the tool that permits to follow a food product from the field to the market shelf, offering consumers a guaranteed origin of product. It is intended to facilitate quick access to the food product information along the food production chain.

OIA offers the traceability certification service for all the food production chain, with guaranteed compliance.

Food traceability

Nowadays the consumer inquires about the origin of the food offered in supermarket shelves, small shops, restaurants, etc., and which companies respond for food quality.

Several countries have adopted methods to guarantee food traceability all along the production and commercial chain, from the field to the consumer table, transport and industry included.

There are many systems which can identify food products. But the most important fact is the Quality Guarantee that OIA can offer to a traceability process. OIA’s Quality Protocols and Certification of Processes reach a reliable food product for consumers.

A certified product holds a passport to reach the most important target: The Consumer.

The companies which are already investing in technology and produce with efficiency and quality, certify with OIA their food products to consolidate their exporting profile and reach global markets.

This program is ideal for those producers and processors that export to guarantee the origin of raw materials.