Fruits, meats and vegetables, at the door. Delivery of raw materials

26 Mar 2020

Family meals multiply and home delivery adds new options. Find information about organic products here.

In these days of #Istayathome, delivery takes on new dimensions. In particular, that of essential food for the day to day, so necessary for the increasing multiplication of lunches and dinners between four walls. It is not a novelty: home delivery has been in Argentina for years and gained special momentum with online platforms. But there are still categories that face certain cultural barriers, and that – through coronavirus – begin to rise. “For years I have been buying everything online, with home delivery, be it through Mercado Libre or supermarkets. But for fruits, vegetables and meats, I still preferred to go in person. When it comes to apples or steaks I like to see the merchandise before But now, with this not going out, I became convinced to try, “says Lucía Galante, one of the new clients of Iriarte Verde, a cooperative specialized in organic and agro-ecological products, among the pioneers in delivering pockets at home. “Based on everything that is happening we are making several reformulations. We carry gel alcohol in the van, we deliver everything with gloves and we ask that the person receiving them have their own bags or boxes to store the products. Regarding payment, we try to pay for transfer, to limit cash as much as possible. And deliveries are made at the door, without going in. The priority is to take care of ourselves, those of us who work, and at the same time take care of those who receive the product, “they explain from the cooperative.

In the fruits and vegetables category, there are multiple options to order, each with its own delivery logic. Many bet on organic products, such as Tallo Verde, one of the leading ventures with 17 years of life in Open Door, from where they produce and deliver fruits, vegetables and warehouse products. Some have pre-assembled bags, which are prepared according to the harvest or availability of each day; others allow each customer to choose the desired fruit and vegetables separately. Among the best-known proposals is the cheap central, which bets on the always welcome balance between price, variety and freshness. Its website is easy to navigate, with punctual daily deliveries and the option to choose between small (for one or two people) and large (with 18 products) baskets. “We are working with all the collections and trying to update ourselves as quickly as possible. Every morning we bring the newly arrived merchandise to the market, avoiding as many handrails and the exposure that they might have in a gondola. We deliver chinstrap kits, gloves and alcohol to all collaborators, we recommend electronic payment and we send advice on how to sanitize vegetables at home, “says Romina of The Cheap Central.

The list goes on, for all tastes: among the recommended ones (all with their Instagram accounts where they can request prices and information) are Pedí Orgánico, Yamharka Permacultura, As always organic, AlmaZen, La huerta organica, Huerta en puerta, Not any vegetable or Organic Garden, one of the city’s premium services, which adds pre-assembled mixes to fruits and vegetables by weight, beverages, eggs, vegan products, frozen meats, meat and pastoral chicken, and even cosmetics. In many cases, they are still requesting transport permits and, especially, seeing how the producers themselves adapt to the current regulations. Thus, several had to take a break in sales in the hope of redistributing from next Monday.

From the fridge to the home

In meat the jump is even greater. Argentina continues to be one of the few countries in the world where the traditional figure of the butcher occupies a central place in gastronomic culture. “Breaking that limit was one of the challenges,” says Pablo Areces, from Carne a click. “The same cut that one likes, doesn’t like the other. We had to find a way to make each order unique,” he explains. Thus, today on the website of this venture born two years ago in the Mataderos neighborhood it is possible to choose whole or fractional cuts, always of small animals, with deliveries at home, and then request personalized details by WhatsApp. “We work on several axes: achieving a lower price than that demanded by large supermarkets for cuts of beef, giving very good customer service and fast logistics, with its own transport that guarantees the cold chain and hygiene. A place where you can buy seven days a week and receive it at your home. “

With 5 years in the market, Muge is one of the main proposals of meat delivery that are offered today on the web. And in these coronavirus days, they work against the clock to increase supply. “We started with three fixed combos each of about ten kilos of meat. The average beef is 150 kilos, with large cuts and more flavor. We have the home combo, with milanesas, peceto, cuadril. El parrillero, with roast, empty, beef eye. And the premium, with loin, special roast, export chorizo ​​steak, vacuum of the fine … And this week we are also adding a cheaper combo, with cuts such as shoulder and minced meat, “says Adrián Peinicura. Since last weekend, demand has grown more than 100%, at the same time that restaurant orders have completely stopped. “We became a delivery butcher shop, and to each one who asks for a combo we offer to add another cut of his choice. Everything is prepared in the day and shipped in 24 hours, although this week we were forced to schedule some 48-hour deliveries, due to the growth in orders. We send everything under vacuum and you can store it for up to 90 days in a refrigerator (except for the roast, the only cut with bone, which must be frozen to store it for more than 72 hours). apron, cap, chinstrap and gloves. It is something that we know well, since we provide meat to many sanitariums, where the demand for sanitation is very high. ”

Organic meat also found its place in online sales, with Moo and La Julia Organics, in Las Heras, where they produce 100% Aberdeen Angus pastoral cattle, with purchases through their e-mail. Quality, variety and home delivery. These days, the delivery of fruits, vegetables and meats becomes a good option to know.


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