Vegan and vegetarian foods: the Government regulated the labeling of products

05 Aug 2022

They were incorporated into the Argentine Food Code. The standard, published in the Official Gazette, defines when these definitions may be used on packaging and labels.

Several products that we see on supermarket shelves and other shops that are of vegan or vegetarian origin, and until now were difficult to identify, will be able to use the corresponding label that distinguishes them from now on.

And it is that at the request of the Ministries of Health and Agriculture, which are in charge of drafting and updating the Argentine Food Code (CAA), the Government published in the Official Gazette the regulation of foods of vegetarian and vegan origin, a standard which will help define when vegan and/or vegetarian food producers will be able to use those definitions on their product packaging and labels.

The standard, published in the Official Gazette, contemplates the regulation of vegan food labeling, in addition to vegetarian, plant-based or similar.

“August 2, 2022 will be remembered as the day veganism was recognized and included in the Argentine Food Code”, they indicated from the Argentine Vegan Union. This organization thanked “the responsible authorities of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture for the work carried out to be able to carry out this regulation that aims to sort out the hilarious confusion that exists in the labeling of products free of ingredients of animal origin.”

Basically, the new difference between “vegan” and “vegetarian” products, as recognized in the dietary trends of certain sectors of the population and which have now been enshrined in the Code, is that both have products that do not contain ingredients of animal origin, although in the second case the use of milk and its derivatives, eggs and honey is enabled.

Through Joint Resolution 5/2022, Article 229 is incorporated into the CAA, which is worded as follows: “Products that do not contain ingredients of animal origin and/or their derivatives (including additives and coadjuvants) may record the legends “Only with ingredients of vegetable origin”, “100% vegetable”, “Made from plants”, as long as the manufacturers and importers accredit such condition before the competent Health Authority within the framework of the authorization of the product”.

These products may include the legends: “Vegan Product” or “Vegan Food” on their labels. Meanwhile, the term “vegetarian” is reserved for products that do not contain ingredients of animal origin or their derivatives (including additives and coadjuvants), except for the following ingredients or their components or derivatives: milk, dairy products; eggs or egg products obtained from live animals; honey or bee products.

The joint rule between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Food and Bioeconomy adds that this type of food, both vegan and vegetarian, may carry these legends as long as they have official endorsement, “on the main face of the label and in the vicinity of the denomination, with characters of good prominence, size and visibility”.

Sectors of the meat and dairy industry, through related media, were in agreement with the new regulations since they considered some “unfair competition” due to the fact that many vegan producers used “misleading names” to promote their products. The indignation of the referents of this item stem from concepts such as “vegetable burgers”, “vegan meat” or “vegetable milk”.

OIA monitors to obtain the vegan and vegetarian product seals to make it easier for consumers to identify certified products, ensuring that they do not contain ingredients or supplements of animal origin and that they have not been tested on animals.

These seals seek to transmit transparency and trust to the consumer, while allowing producers to demonstrate their commitment and responsibility in the production of vegan and vegetarian products of the highest certified quality.

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