GRASP (GLOBALGAP Risk Assessment for Social Practices)


It is a voluntary additional module of the GLOBALG.A.P Program. designed to evaluate social practices on the farm, addressing specific issues related to health, safety and welfare of workers.

GRASP is not a required part of the GLOBALG.A.P certification, but an additional voluntary module (Add-on). However, suppliers and / or retailers may choose to make it a mandatory requirement.

Advantages of the GRASP evaluation:
  1. It improves the social management system of its exploitation.
  2. It strengthens the rights of its workers and improves their sense of responsibility towards their exploitation.
  3. Reduce turnover costs as it helps to keep good and skilled workers.
  4. Reduce costs due to accidents and breakages as it leads to clear communication.
  5. Create a positive work environment by establishing clearer conditions and tasks.
  6. Encourage worker participation and help you innovate.
  7. Demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility.
  8. Increase your status among suppliers and buyers.
  9. Reduce the risk of incurring non-compliance in social issues.
  10. It can be done in conjunction with the GLOBALG.A.P audit, therefore the additional costs are minimal.
How is the organic certification process?

The process begins when the producer, processor and / or marketer meets with OIA to present the project to be certified. In this first stage, the project is analyzed.

Then the client completes and submits a certification application form, which is reviewed by OIA. If the certification request is approved, a signature of a contract or certification agreement is signed. Once this stage has been completed, the exchange of documentation and information between the client and OIA is carried out, as required by the certification program.

Next, an inspection is carried out at the customer’s establishment. The inspection consists of the visit of a qualified inspector, who evaluates compliance with the requirements established in the regulations to be certified. Once the inspection has been completed, the inspector prepares a report with the result of the inspection. In case the inspection has found a breach of the regulations (non-compliance), the client must take appropriate measures to correct this breach and prevent it from recurring in the future (corrective action)

The OIA technical area reviews the inspection report and the documentation presented by the client. If the result of the review are positive, OIA dictates the client’s certification and delivers a certificate as a formal document proving the certification.

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