Best steak in the world: an Argentine refrigerator received a gold medal at the World Steak Challenge

22 Nov 2021

The winning cut was made at Carlos Tejedor and slaughtered at Azul; Meet the winners of the international contest.

Every year the World Steak Challenge competition is held, which selects the best steak in the world. On this occasion, an Argentine court won a gold medal.

This is the wide cut steak produced by Egeo SACI in Carlos Tejedor and slaughtered by the Azul Natural Beef-Devesa refrigerator. This cut won the gold medal along with other competitors from around the world.

The winning wide steak obtained a medal in the Grain Fed (grain finish) and Grass Fed (grass finish) categories.

World Steak Challenge

This competition is the first event in the world that allows meat producers and suppliers to showcase product quality, breeding and processing standards on an international stage. Since 2015, 1,000 cuts have passed through the independent evaluation process. T

his contest has competitors from 28 countries around the world and a jury of 50 members, made up of butchers, food journalists, industry experts and scientists.

From the consultancy Elizalde & Riffel they highlighted that this challenge is a prestigious competition, developed in Dublin, Ireland. “We congratulate and thank the entire EGEO team that works day by day in the field and at the feedlots facilities, who made the acquisition of this achievement possible,” they added.

Source: News Agrofy