Alimentos Argentinos Seal


The purpose of the program “Alimentos Argentinos, una Elección Natural” (Argentine Food, a Natural Choice) is to differentiate Argentine food products through a country seal granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

This seal includes a wide variety of Argentine food products valued and required by customers all over the world due to their attributes, authenticity and originality related to raw material, production ways and assurance systems besides cultural and social factors.

What are the seal advantages?

It identifies quality food products and attributes attached to a national image, enabling the product’s positioning and marketing both domestically and internationally. The seal adds value to the product and responds to today’s demands from consumers.

Who can obtain the seal?

This program is ideal for those Argentine producers and/or manufacturers seeking to guarantee the differential quality attributes of their food products.

This certification can be requested by any entity or company which produces or manufactures food products in the Argentine territory, and complies with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Manufacturing (GMP) and/or the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system (HACCP), as required by the Quality Protocol.

How is the process to obtain the Argentine Food Seal?
  1. The process starts when the Argentine food producer and/or manufacturer meet OIA’s representatives to introduce his/her project and verify if there is a quality protocol that adjusts to the products. If there is no protocol for a specific product, it is prepared and has to be approved by the Agroindustry Secretary Livestock and Fisheries (Agroindustry Secretary).
  2. After that, the producer presents the seal request at the Agroindustry Secretary. When the documents and information exchange is over, OIA (authorized certifier) audits the Quality Protocol to verify the compliance. OIA submits an audit report to the producer and/or manufacturer so he can present it at the Agroindustry Secretary to continue with the process of obtaining the Seal.
  3. Finally, if no non-compliances are found, the Agroindustry Secretary grants the Seal “Alimentos Argentinos, una Elección Natural” to the requesting company to be added to its products. There must be a minimum of four audits during the two-year period of the licence agreement.
Officialized Protocols



What is the Agroindustry Secretary?

The Agroindustry Secretary is the organism of the Argentine State responsible for the policies of the agricultural, livestock and fisheries activities in Argentina. Also, manages the Seal “Alimentos Argentinos, una Elección Natural” (Resolution 392/2005) through the National Transformation and Marketing of Agricultural and Forest Products Board.

What is the relationship between OIA and the Agroindustry Secretary?

OIA is a certifying entity authorized by the Agroindustry Secretary to audit the Seal “Alimentos Argentinos, una Elección Natural”.

How important is to guarantee the quality of a product?

The seal provides the product an added value guarantee. As it is audited by a third party, the seal contributes to create bonds of trust, security and commitment between producer and consumer.

Why to obtain the Seal “Alimentos Argentinos” with OIA?

Besides being authorized by the Agroindustry Secretary to audit the seal “Alimentos Argentinos, una Elección Natural”, OIA’s professional team provides the operator a qualified service, reliable and transparent throughout all the certification process. OIA is a leading company highly regarded on the certification of agricultural products, with over 27 years of corporate history. It provides audit services for a wide range of Certification Programs, based on national and international accreditations. OIA interacts with the main area referents and is member of several entities and associations.

What are the authorized Quality Protocols for “Alimentos Argentinos” Program?

To know what the official protocols are, please go to the main section of the Seal “Alimentos Argentinos” program. If the Protocol for which you wish to audit is not officialized, OIA will guide you to elaborate the Protocol and obtain the Seal.

Is there any kind of benefit for Sello Alimentos Argentinos?

From the Secretariat of government of Agribusiness of the Ministry of Production, they carried out several projects to generate benefits for anyone who has the Seal “Alimentos Argentinos”, within these are:

  • Obtain an additional 0.5% of the tariff position in the Export Refunds (Decree PEN N ° 1341/16).
  • 50% discount to participate in one of the exhibitions that make up the calendar of international fairs of the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (AAICI), for micro, small and medium enterprises.
  • Participation in stands at fairs, exhibitions, seminars and national and international business rounds.

To know more about these benefits, you must go to the official website of Seal “Alimentos Argentinos” :


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