Soem mates with… Guillermo Casarotti

01 Mar 2021

We chat with Guillermo Casarotti, founder of Inti Zen, an organic tea company.

How did the company come about?

The company started 17 years ago when I decided to be an entrepreneur. I had previously trained in business and innovation, almost by chance, I began to observe in a magazine that there was a girl who made specific blends of tea and from there we began to mix tea. What we were looking for from the beginning was to bring tea from India and combine it with Latin ingredients and that was when I started in the world of tea. Currently we decided to turn to organic production, since we achieved very interesting organic harvests of pure green tea and pure black tea, in the province of Misiones.

What is the origin of the name and what does it mean?

Inti is “Sun, energy, spirit” in Quechua. Zen is “deep and true silence” in Japanese. That is why the company integrates the energy of the Andes, the nature of Patagonia through regional aromas and flavors, with the wisdom of the East, expressed through the art of tea.

What values ​​does the company have?

Our commitment is based on creating and marketing infusions and products that promote well-being and health, seeking to add sustainable economic and social value in the company and community; honoring and respecting nature.

What is the range of conventional teas?

We have each one with its particularities they are: Chaman Chai / Verde Chai / Blanco Lychee / Patagonia Bee / Inca Rose / Inti Gray / Pampa Dulce / Don Juan / Amazonia Mango / Silencio Andino / Illuminé.

What are the characteristics of organic teas?

We have two. On the one hand, organic green tea, which is a whole leaf tea and has a very balanced mild flavor (with a bit of astringency) and has fresh floral notes. A recommendation to consume it is to leave it inficia for a very short time, something like two minutes. While black tea is much more intense, being oxidized under a specific process, it has other flavors such as dried fruits, with an incredible aroma.

How is your production process?

It all begins in the province of Misiones where the harvest is done, respecting the times of nature. Then there they make the separation, if it is green tea they quickly dry it, while if it is a black tea they let it oxidize and then they dry it. Everything is done in warehouses and with care. Later, we bring the teas to our warehouse, which is certified, where we have specific machines for organic teas. Finally, we place them in their specific containers so that they can be distributed.

What are the benefits of consuming organic tea?

Tea is a drink that has many benefits for the body and the organic one enhances it even more. For example, black tea is good for the bones and green tea is a detoxifier.

How important is organic production for you?

We are very happy to have obtained organic harvests, since it is something that we had proposed because we wanted to offer a quality product for the consumer.

What is the importance of certification?

The importance of certification is key and it is very important because it guarantees consumer confidence that the tea has a backward process that certifies that the production process respected the environment.

How can the consumer purchase your products?

Today we are present in some places such as dietetics and we are entering the Jumbo and Carrefour supermarkets from March. The reception of black tea has been great from the distributors

What goals does the company have for 2021?

We want to take the product to other countries, both within South America and Europe. We are in contact with different distributors and we hope that in the course of the year the tea will be available in foreign shelves.